You’ve likely been keeping up with the saga of the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples even after the Supreme Court’s decision. Republican Lindsey Graham told her to do her job or resign, and after doing neither, she landed herself in jail. To maintain journalistic integrity, I won’t say “That’s exactly where the bigot should be,” but I will present these awesome memes inspired by the ordeal.


This one is one of my favorite. As you may know, Kim Davis has been divorced three times, so she’s had to apply for marriage licenses before. In fact, she’s had to apply for four of them. It’s very believable that they could have just ran out.
This one might not actually constitute a meme. After all, there are no words on it. But if you’ve ever seen the Netflix show Orange is the New Black, you don’t need words to find this hilarious. Heck, I’ve never even seen the show and I immediately laughed.
Okay, you might have seen this one floating around already, but come on… it’s hilarious.
If you’ve ever caught the movie Monsters Inc, you undoubtedly remember the not-so-pleasant Roz. Of course, I don’t foresee Kim Davis coming around like Roz did in the end. Oh, and if that spoiled Monsters Inc for you, it’s your own fault for not having seen it already.
Ahhhh…. the required “She’s a Nazi” meme.
Religious freedom, that’s why!
As Kim Davis was taken to jail, one could imagine that she wanted to send a message to her dear husband. Which husband, of course, remains a mystery.
If you happen to think it’s too much to put all of her business out there, consider what Captain Hindsight has to say. If she didn’t want her life put on blast, maybe she should have just done her job.
This one is probably my favorite. Ben Carson is an absolute nut job… but at least now we’ll be able to see if his theory is correct. Kim Davis might just come out a changed woman!

Oh, and have you seen the “still does her/his job” Kim Davis memes? They’re equally as hilarious, and you’ll find the 10 best here.

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