Anti-Muslim Bigotry Erupts At Town Meeting

Man Disrupts Town Meeting With Anti-Muslim Rant: ‘Every One Of You Are Terrorists’ (VIDEO)

Town meeting shut down after a stunning display of anti-Muslim bigotry.

A town meeting in Spotsylvania, Va. got ugly Tuesday night as anti-Muslim bigotry erupted over plans to build a new mosque. Their congregation has outgrown their current building and wants to expand their property to next door. Samer Shalaby, a member of the Islamic Center of Fredericksburg and a civil engineer, was presenting the plans when all Hell broke loose.

In a shocking display of anti-Muslim bigotry, a hulking skinhead in a black t-shirt, beard and glasses interrupted to shout, “Nobody, nobody, nobody wants your evil cult!” The Freelance Star reports a handful of people clapped, at least one other man stood up to support the first man, others murmured disagreement, and most seemed stunned into silence. Meanwhile, the man pressed on.

“I will do everything in my power to make sure this does not happen because you are terrorists! Every one of you are terrorists. You can smile at me, you can say whatever you want. But every Muslim is a terrorist.”

Shalaby responded, “How do you come up with that?” But the man just kept going and going.

“Shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear your mouth. I will do everything that I can do to keep you from doing what you’re doing. It will happen. That will happen.”

Some cheered the man on while others pleaded for civility. A member of the congregation pleaded, “There’s enough fighting in the world. We’re Americans first,” a town supervisor asked the crowd to let Shalaby finish, and a sheriff’s deputy very nicely asked, “Can we at least please keep it civil for me and my wife and my three children?”

Why wasn’t this man arrested?

Can you imagine the authorities responding so mildly if a brown person shouted these things to someone who was presenting plans to expand a Christian church? No, I didn’t think so. The man and his supporters kept up with their belligerent rants even after the deputy asked him to stop. Why wasn’t he at least thrown out of the meeting? By shutting down the meeting altogether, the deputy promoted a false equivalence that implies both side were at fault. In reality, a mean, ignorant bigot attacked Shalaby and all Muslims present while everyone else stood by and let them do it. Perhaps some were too startled or too frightened to speak up. But it also seems likely that many of the people present share the man’s anti-Muslim bigotry, but manage to stay quieter about it.

Here’s the video, which was taken by Munira Salam Abdala and later obtained by WUSA 9:

H/T: Raw Story. Featured image: Video sreen grab/Munira Salam Abdala via WUSA 9.