Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million To Block Child Rape Laws And Protect Pedophiles (VIDEO)

Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million To Block Child Rape Laws And Protect Pedophiles (VIDEO)

Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million To Block Child Rape Laws

Last year, the entire nation was collectively enthralled by the almost unbelievable plot of the film Spotlight which detailed The Boston Globe’s investigation of Roman Catholic Priests who sexually assaulted children throughout Boston, and the systems that protected them. The ominous ending of the film details how widespread the abuse was globally and, one would hope, that the uncovering of a global scandal would bring the story to a happy ending. But, as the New York Daily Times recently revealed in their own recent investigation of the Catholic Church, there’s still a huge and troubling issue with combating child rape amongst their ranks.

The New York Daily News discovered that from 2007 to 2015, the Catholic Conference had paid Albany’s most influential lobbying firms over $2.1 million to block the Child Victims Act. Led by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Catholic Conference hired Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, Patricia Lynch & Associates, Hank Sheinkopf, and Mark Behan Communications to lobby against the bill. The $2.1 million does not include the conference’s own internal lobbying team. 

As listed on their informational website, the goal of the Child Victims Act is to:

  • Eliminate both criminal and civil statutes of limitation for child sexual abuse, preventing predators and their protectors from escaping responsibility for their crimes by waiting out the clock.
  • Provide a one-time, one-year window in the statute of limitations that would enable victims whose claim was time-barred by the current arbitrary limitations to revive their claim. This would offer an opportunity for justice to those who were unfairly or criminally denied their day in court.
  • Save our state extensive financial as well as social costs. Studies show child sexual abuse costs NYS taxpayers over $1 billion every year.

What’s alarming about the amount of money paid out to these lobbyists is knowing that whatever they don’t want to come to light is worth millions to them. But, what may be even more disgusting, is the fact that we live in a world where the church pays people to fight against our society’s most vulnerable and innocent residents – our children – the same people they’re supposed to be bound to protect. Maybe they should stop focusing on the alleged “evil” of Yoga and come back down to Earth where raping children and protecting their abusers is the real sin.

WATCH: Catholic Church Spent $2 Million To Block Child Sex Law Reform

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