Donald Trump's 'Star Of David' Tweet Denial Opens Floodgate Of Bigotry

Donald Trump’s ‘Star Of David’ Tweet Denial Opens Floodgate Of Bigotry

Star Of David Tweet Triggers Bold Public Relations Strategy

Donald Trump referred to his “anti-Semitic” anti-Hillary tweet controversy at a rally in Cincinnati, denying that the tweet had the Star of David on it, adding that he wished it hadn’t been deleted.

Various sources report that he said it was “a regular star or maybe a sheriff’s star” and also added that the media was actually racist for assuming the tweet had Jewish connotations. 

Over the weekend, Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Hillary image macro of her against a background of cash with what looked like a red sticker in the shape of the Star of David over it, with the phrase, “most corrupt candidate ever.”

The denial appears to be par-for-the-course with the alt-right where they have attempted to turn the tables on accusations of racism by accusing anti-racist accusers or being racist themselves.

In a segment called Politics Monday with Tamara Keith and Stu Rothenberg on PBS Newshour,  when asked about the Star of David tweet, Rothenberg of The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report said:

“I carry sheriff stars around with me all the time and use them in my tweets too. Look John, it’s another day of Donald Trump it’s another controversy, it’s another instant and if we hadn’t done this 6, 8, 10, 20 times before maybe you could say, ‘oh this was a mistake’ or ‘this was misinterpreted’ but there’s a whole series of these and this is who the man is and this is what the campaign is.”

As they continue to talk about the Star of David tweet, Rothenberg alludes to the controversy as something the campaign doesn’t explain and Tamara Keith refers to a report by Mic which says that the tweet came from a “dark place” on the internet, or white supremacist site for the alt-right.

The alt-right refers to the new generation of right-wingers who establish a narrative of white supremacy which again, attempts to turn the tables on minorities who accuse whites of racism.

Conservative media for the alt-right, such as Breitbart and Alternative Right, have gone after groups such as Black Lives Matter, referring to them as the equivalent of the KKK. They’ve largely embraced Donald Trump, as opposed to more traditional conservatives who have not been as bold as to support the narrative.

Former Klan leader David Duke has resurfaced in the press with his support for Donald Trump, who initially denied that he knew anything about him or the KKK. But both men push the same idea of “preserving” white heritage, a different spin on the idea of white supremacy.

Buzzfeed — a news media source whose reporters are banned by the Trump campaign — reported on the former Klan leader’s confirmation that the tweet was in fact showing the Star of David.

Along with the series of racist tweets Trump has posted, he’s been known to borrow memes from racist sites and threads, or re-tweet from similar sources and denying responsibility of knowing what they were or even that he agreed to their views, leaving it open for others to decide for themselves.

Donald Trump’s son-in-law who is the owner of The Observer Jared Kushner, recently responded to an open letter by one of his employees Dana Schwartz who is Jewish and is published in the same newspaper, denying that Donald Trump’s Star of David tweet was proof that he was anti-Semitic or racist.

Dana Schwartz’ open letter also shows the responses she received via Twitter which attack her Jewish heritage and made by Trump supporters.

Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images