Extremist Catholic Whackjob Has Hate Fueled Meltdown After Pope Shows Christian Mercy (VIDEO)

Extremist Catholic Whackjob Has Hate Fueled Meltdown After Pope Shows Christian Mercy (VIDEO)

Pope Francis is well-known for his benevolence towards the poor, his railings against the one percent, his acceptance of atheists, and his kindness towards gay people. He recently said Christians should apologize to people in the LGBT community if they have offended them.

The Pope’s message is one of kindness, not hatred

That’s driving this prominent religious leader, who’s already batty enough as it is, even battier.

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Bill Donohue is the president of the Catholic League, and he’s having a hissy fit over Pope Francis’s statement. In a rather contentious interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Donohue gave a resounding “No!” when asked if he would apologize.

“As a matter of fact, I want an apology from gays. I’ve been assaulted by gays. I’ve never assaulted a gay person in my entire life.”

Then he claimed that the media twisted Pope Francis’ words. Over the weekend, the Pope was asked if he thinks the Catholic Church should apologize to gays and other people who have been marginalized. While he was en route home from Armenia, he was also asked if he agreed with German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who at a conference in Dublin just after the massacre at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, said that the church owes an apology to gays because it has marginalized them.

Francis responded, in part, with his famous “Who am I to judge?” comment and touched on church teaching that gays must not be discriminated against but treated with respect. Some politicized behaviors of the gay community can be frowned on for being “a bit offensive for others,” he noted. He also added:

“Someone who has this condition, who has good will and is searching for God, who are we to judge? “We must accompany them.”

He said he thinks the Catholic church has much to apologize for.

“I think the church must not only apologize … to a gay person it offended, but we must apologize to the poor, to women who have been exploited, to children forced into labor, apologize for having blessed so many weapons” and for not helping families troubled by divorces or other life problems.

But Donohue wants to nitpick, noting that Francis also said:

“The church must say it is sorry for not having behaved as it should many times, many times—when I say ‘the church,’ I mean we Christians, because the church is holy; we are the sinners.”

The Pope wasn’t calling on the Catholic Church to apologize, instead he was asking individual Christians to apologize if they have offended gay people, Donohue said.

“If a Catholic or Protestant or Jew or Muslim has offended a gay person, or anybody, of course they should apologize,” he said. “But the idea of a blanket apology because you are a member of some demographic group, I mean, I don’t know what church teaching is it that you have a problem with that maybe the church should apologize for?”

And Donohue makes it entirely too clear that he doesn’t want to apologize for any offensive things he’s said to gay people. Cuomo confronted him,  noting that the pope was instructing him to be “out there fighting for the poor, to be fighting for things that are good, and not spending so much time fighting to get gays from being married.”

“Why did you spend so much energy on this?” Cuomo asked. “Why is this so important to you?”

But Donohue said it was CNN’s fault for repeatedly interviewing him about his anti-LGBT views.

“Your producers only want to talk about LGBT,” Donohue said. “I don’t care what gay people do. I don’t want to have a lifestyle thrusted in my face though. That’s a different kind of thing altogether.”

The CNN host pressed him a little further.

“What do you mean thrusted?” he asked. “How are they putting their gay on you?”

Without saying what he meant by that, Donohue instead used this opportunity to say that businesses should only be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people when it comes to services provided by a “wedding ceremony.” Apparently this dried-up douchebag can also read Pope Francis’s mind, because, he said Pope Francis intended to say that Christians could “condemn certain manifestations” of sexual behavior “though he didn’t complete the sentence.” Cuomo cut to the chase.

“You know you have a hostility and an animus toward these behaviors,” he noted. “You might as well own it.”

And indeed, this does appear true.

In 2014, he created a controversy by saying he wouldn’t march in New York City’s Gay Pride Parade, even though the parade’s organizers accepted his application to do so. Why did he do this? Because he didn’t want to participate in the parade’s “gay training sessions.”


Donohue was upset because large numbers of people boycotted New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade after organizers refused to allow gay groups to openly march. It was also boycotted by Mayor Bill de Blasio and several other politicians.

So he hatched a scheme to slap back at the city’s LGBT activists. He did this by applying to march in the Gay Pride Parade. There he planned to carry a “Straight Is Great” banner. How cute. Not really.

If the organizers didn’t accept his application, then that would make them hypocrites, his attitude seemed to suggest. But the organizers publicly accepted his application to march.


Since he’s a well-documented homophobe, would he really march in this parade? Nope. Oh sure, the parade’s organizers do hold training sessions, but they are not trying to recruit people into a new lifestyle. Instead, the sessions are to familiarize the participants about the rules and procedures on the day of the parade. The rules address line-up times, check-in locations, a moment of silence, dispersal activity, safety policies of the NYPD, proper attire and vehicle and sound permits.

Yeah, that sure sounds racy, doesn’t it?

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Donohue has also claimed that same-sex marriage is “one of the most bizarre ideas in human history.” And he believes God “smites” religious communities who welcome gay people.

“In other words, those religions whose teachings on abortion and marriage approximate the views of the New York Times and NPR are in free fall. Looks like God is truly looking out for those religions that don’t treat Scripture as if it were a post-modern text to be deconstructed by left-wing ideologues.”

In the CNN interview, Cuomo challenged him again:

“Show me where Jesus said we should spend time saying we should not let people be who they are?”

This is where Donohue let his idiocy hang out, by weirdly associating gay people with the Mafia, and saying “there are mobster lifestyles.”

“A mobster is not a gay person,” Cuomo shot back. “A terrorist is not a gay person.”

But that sentiment was lost on this “Christian” bigot, who doesn’t even belong in the same room with Pope Francis. Ever.

“I just want the apology,” Donohue said. “They could send it by Fedex.”

I’m sure there’s lots of things this homophobic jerk deserves, but one of them isn’t an apology from the gay community. He also “deserves” a new job, one where he has to keep his toxic hate to himself.

You can watch Cuomo interview this bigot in the video below.

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Image courtesy of Raw Story, YouTube