Pokémon Go As A Vehicle For Social Justice

As Pokémon Go users everywhere mindlessly stumble into traffic and off cliffs, one player is using the game to stick it to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Pokémon Go has taken the country by storm, enchanting children and adults alike. The game allows users to wander through the actual world in order to capture wild Pokemon, train them, and then try to control local gyms. And for those of you who have yet to lose your mind to the new craze, Pokémon gyms are typically popular public places, such as parks, memorials, churches and tourist attractions.

One gym, located in Topeka, Kansas caught the attention – and then the focus – of one Pokémon Go player: the infamous, hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church. Using the game’s unique fusion of virtual world with reality, the Pokémon Go player managed to show solidarity with the LGBT community – and piss off the Westboro Baptist Church in the process – in one genius move.

A Clefairy names “LOVEISLOVE” has reportedly been set to protect the gym by the gym’s leader.

In other words, a small, puffy, pink fairy with a name that is a common saying used in support for the LGBT community in a push for tolerance, acceptance and equality, is guarding the famously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

It seems that Pokemon Go is not only getting kids off the sofa and out of the house—it can also be used as an actual force of good and social justice.

Westboro Baptist Church Responds (Spoiler Alert: They Are Not Happy)

The Westboro Baptist Church, probably in a hair-ripping frenzy over the fact that their church is being held by a pink fairy named LOVEISLOVE, responded, referring to LOVEISLOVE as a “Bible-dumb rebel” in a tweet, with a photoshopped image of a Pokemon character, holding one of their famously ignorant signs.

Is it just me, or is the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church has a Twitter account one of the more surprising aspects of this entire story?

The church now is playing the game and using Jigglypuff, a popular Pokemon, with plans on taking over the gym from the “Bible-dumb rebels.”

“We try to speak whatever language is being spoken,” Steve Drain, an elder at Westboro Baptist Church, toldUSA Today.

I wasn’t aware that “hate” was a spoken language.

Now quick, someone let the Westboro Baptist Church know exactly what Jesus Himself said about homosexuality – which is nothing. Not a word. Not once. He was too busy feeding, clothing and healing the poor. So perhaps the Westboro Baptists should take a page from the Good Book and try to speak in the language that Jesus used when discussing homosexuality. You know — silence.

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