Pope Francis Slams Trump on DACA, Climate Change: 'Man is a Stupid and Hard-headed Being'

Pope Francis Slams Trump on DACA, Climate Change: ‘Man is a Stupid and Hard-headed Being’

Pope Francis Hammers Donald Trump For Ignoring Scientists On Climate Change, DACA Decision

Pope Francis has not been shy about speaking very frankly on a number of issues on which he disagrees with Republican Donald Trump. And his latest words for the president on DACA and climate change are not likely to sit well with the science denier.

The pope recently gave an interview after leaving Colombia aboard the papal plane, a trip which took him over the devastating Hurricane Irma. When asked about climate change, Pope Francis continued his reasoned stance on the issue. According to CNN:

“Whoever denies it has to go to the scientists and ask them,” he said. “They speak very clearly, scientists are precise.”

“Then they decide and history will judge those decisions.”

When asked why some governments refused to see the importance of the issue, Francis quoted the book of Psalms in the Old Testament.

“Man is a stupid and hard-headed being,” he said.

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He continued on the subject saying everyone, particularly politicians, has a “moral responsibility” to take the issue seriously and address it more quickly.

When asked about Trump’s decision to sunset DACA, the pope called him out for not being “pro-life”.

“The President of the United States presents himself as pro-life and if he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that family is the cradle of life and its unity must be protected,” Francis said.

Videos of immigrant families being torn apart have surfaced throughout the Trump administration. In some cases, parents have even been arrested in front of their young children with the expectation they would be deported. These scenes are likely to grow in number if Congress fails to act in the six months Trump gave them to enact a fix for DACA.

Pope Francis has vocally opposed Donald Trump and his ideas on immigration from very early on in his run for the White House. Francis suggested Trump was “not Christian” for wanting to build walls instead of bridges. The pope has also been very outspoken about countries turning away immigrants and refugees seeking better lives around the world.

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Former White House adviser Steve Bannon has hit back at the Church numerous times over it’s more open policy toward those of different nationalities and religions. More recently, after Catholic bishops denounced the DACA decision by Trump, Bannon claimed churches “need illegal aliens to fill the churches”. Even after criticism from the bishops, Bannon doubled-down on his stance during his recent interview with 60 Minutessaying, “The Catholic Church has been terrible about this.”

It’s clear the disagreements between Republican Donald Trump and his ilk and Pope Francis will likely continue for the rest of his time in office.

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