Stormy Daniels Took a Lie Detector Test - Results Will Send the White House Into a Tailspin

Stormy Daniels Took a Lie Detector Test – Results Will Send the White House Into a Tailspin

EXPERT: Less than 1% Chance Stormy Daniels Lied About Trump Affair

It’s about to get even stormier for Donald Trump’s struggling presidency. Stephanie Clifford — the adult film star who goes by the name Stormy Daniels — has already taken and passed a lie detector test about an alleged affair she carried on with Trump over a decade ago. The results of the test, which took place in 2011, were obtained by NBC News and conclude that Clifford is being truthful about their sexual encounters:

Under penalty of perjury, the test’s administrator Ron Slay swears that he has “no reason to believe question the validity of any portion of the Report” and that he considers it “to be truthful and accurate in all respects.” 

Stormy Aces Two Key Questions In the Lie Detector Test About Trump Affair

The test Slay issued in 2011 included three questions directly related to Clifford’s relationship with the then-Apprentice host. He also notes there were “selected comparison questions to protect the truthful person”.

  • Question 5: Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump? (YES) 
  • Question 7: Around July 2006, did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump? (YES) 
  • Question 10: Did Trump say you would get on “The Apprentice”? (YES) 

Per the “Analysis” section of Slay’s declaration, the polygraph data was

“Analyzed by traditional measurement according to a system in which a +4 or more, after nine relevant issue presentations, is deemed adequate to determine truthfulness. After nine relevant-issue presentations, the issue in Question 5 was measured to be +9 truthful. The issue in Question 8 was evaluated to be +6 truthful. The issue in Question 10 was evaluated to be +1, inconclusive.” 

Slay also notes that “By computer, the data was evaluated to be truthful. The probability of deception was measured to be less than 1%.” 

While a polygraph is usually not admissible in court, these results certainly bolster Clifford’s claim that she engaged in sexual activity with Trump. The inclusion of a question about the lack of birth control used in their encounter also raises eyebrows — and suspicions about what bombshell Clifford may drop in her much anticipated upcoming 60 Minutes interview.

First Lady Melania Trump is said to be “bracing herself for what’s to come out” during the nationally televised interview. Melania was nursing the couple child’s infant son Barron at the time of the alleged affair. By the time the segment airs, the president may be itching to change the national discussion to the “Trump-Russia” thing.

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Photo Credit: @NBCNews on Twitter.