Watch Rep. Jim Jordan Bully Planned Parenthood's President

Anti-Choice GOP Rep. Gives New Meaning To The Term ‘Asshole’ (VIDEO)

Meet Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OhNoes). On Tuesday he grilled Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to within an inch of her life at a congressional “hearing” about those bogus Planned Parenthood videos.

Jim Jordan thinks he’s a “pro-lifer” doing God’s work. But really, Jim Jordan is nothing but a big, mean, raging asshole. The anti-choice Republican glowered down upon Cecile Richards while demanding that she answer his question… But every time she tried to respond, he interrupted her and then chastised her for not answering.

It says a lot for Cecile Richards that she maintained her composure, refused to wilt under her tormentor’s verbal assault, and somehow managed to avoid calling Jim Jordan an asshole.

We know all this, because Jim Jordan (R-Asshole) posted the video with this travesty of a “hearing” to YouTubehimself. Apparently, he not only sees nothing wrong with his bullying, rudeness and total lack of professionalism, he’s proud of being an asshole.

As Tom Boggioni from RawStory observes, Jim Jordan interrupted Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards a whopping 19 times in just a scant 5 minutes.

In a badgering and bullying performance that would have made House of Un-American activities interrogator Roy Cohn proud, a Republican congressman from Ohio interrupted the head of Planned Parenthood 19 times in five short minutes in a hearing on Tuesday.

So what was that question Rep. Jim Jordan kept asking and refusing to have answered? He wanted to know why Cecile Richards supposedly “apologized” for the video. Because, people don’t apologize unless they’re guilty. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!!!

Alas, Jordan seems determined not to understand the truth, which is that Richards apologized for how the Planned Parenthood doctor’s tone came across in part of the video. Not for the fetal tissue Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell (Planned Parenthood was cleared of any wrong doing). Nor was Richards apologizing for the obviously bogus footage and selective editing these “pro-life” activists did before “releasing” the video. And certainly not for that graphic photo of the premature, stillborn baby stolen from the grieving mother’s blog.

Jim Jordan and his fellow Republicans will Do ANYTHING to defund Parenthood and deny healthcare to women.

Make no mistake. Jim Jordan’s bullying (and the GOP’s attempt to defund Planned Parenthood) has nothing to do with “life” and everything to do with reversing Roe v. Wade, forcing women to bear children, and punishing women — especially single, low-income women of color — for having sex.

How can someone care about “life” and not care about actual people? I’ll believe anti-choice Republicans like Jim Jordan actually give a damn about “life” and unborn babies when they start caring about the women and children who are already born.

What an asshole.

Watch Jim Jordan be an asshole towards Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards during Tuesday’s travesty of a hearing for the Make Government So small You Can Drown It In A Bathtub committee House Oversight and Government Reform committee.

Featured photo: YouTube.