Sisters UNITE! Women's March Took The World By Storm -- But The Resistance Is Just Beginning

Sisters UNITE! Women’s March Took The World By Storm — But The Resistance Is Just Beginning

Please, please don’t let this moment pass

On the Saturday following President Trump’s inauguration, people around the world gathered together in solidarity in a Woman’s March, initially conceived as a march on Washington. It quickly spread to hundreds of cities around the world, and every continent on Earth.

I attended the Women’s March on Houston, Texas. I, like many women, am appalled by the atrocious things Donald Trump has been saying while in the public eye about how he treats women as well as his draconian political appointments after he’s come to office. I fear for the safety of women everywhere when we normalize “pussy grabbing” and try to penalize women for exercising any autonomy  over their own bodies.

But I’ve always found comfort in solidarity, and it seems like many other people feel the same way because countless thousands upon thousands of women, children, dogs, and men took to the streets to show that they will not stand quietly by as a bunch of old, lily-white men strip away the rights of immigrants, religious minorities, women, or the LGBT+ community.

But I’ve felt this way before. In 2008 with the election of Barack Obama, and again in 2011 with the OWS movement, and again with the populist swelling of support for Bernie Sanders. However, despite this nationwide, grassroots momentum advocating equal rights, affordable healthcare and education, and a living wage, we have managed to elect a Neo-Nazi sympathizing, narcissistic sexual predator. We elected a tax evading, lying, cheating buffoon who seems hellbent on starting World War Three.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There’s still hope for the future, there’s still time to set things right. I think political activist Madison Epicness Kimrey say it best:

If we want to enact any real change, we can’t just wait for the next presidential election. We must continue the momentum forward into definite action. Register to vote, organize with people in your area who share common goals, run for office or encourage others to, donate money to your local, grassroots organization. We CAN make a difference, but it’s going to take work.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from former Whitehouse Communications Director for Barack Obama, Jen Psaki:

“The march shouldn’t be a moment to rest and celebrate. It should be a warm up.”


Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images