Top 25 Shameless Breast Cancer Awareness Promotions

Top 25 Most Shameless ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ Promotions (IMAGES)

Happy freaking ‘Pinktober,’ laydeez.

20. Big Macs for breast cancer.

19. What the hell is this?

I make my living with words, but now I just don’t know what to say. And who is this “Arthur?” He needs help.

18. Yay. Pink portapotties.

Don’t breathe in there, the chemicals may give you cancer.

17. “What the cluck?”

Back in 2010, the Susan G. Komen Foundation partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken to raise “Breast Cancer Awareness.” Think Before You Pink’s “What the Cluck” campaign sent those ridiculous pink buckets scuttling into the shadows.

16. A “Save second base” T-shirt? Oh, hell no.

You know the corporate “Breast Cancer Awareness” movement has lost its sense of purpose when you constantly see ad campaigns and merchandise that sexualize the breasts so many breast cancer survivors no longer have. “Save Second Base,” “Save the Tatas,” “Save the Boobies,” and “No Bra Day” are all so far beyond the pale of what’s appropriate I don’t even know where “appropriate” is any more.

15. NFL (Not For Ladies).

Even the NFL’s getting into the pinkwashing game with pink ribbons, pink footballs, pink cheerleader pom poms, and all kinds of pink merchandise in hopes of luring in the wives who hold the purse strings. But since launching their Pinktober Pinktacular in 2008 with the American Cancer Society, they’ve only donated $1.1 million a year to the ACS out of the $10 billion they rake in every year. But what else would you expect from an organization that couldn’t care less about women, pays their cheerleaders less than minimum wage, and regularly employs and covers up for wife beaters and rapists?

14. When #PinkTober and #ManiMonday collide.

Um…I love my mani/pedi as much as any woman, but the (mostly female) salon workers are exposed to chemicals day in and day out that are linked to cancer, miscarriages, and lung disease. Yet the nail salon industry continues to fight regulation.

13. Happy National Farmers Day!

Yay. A pink tractor from AGCO that spread so much “Breast Cancer Awareness” it helped raise a whole $4,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. And now that this pretty pink tractor’s put breast cancer in its place, it can go back to its real job of spreading cancer-causing fertilizers and pesticides.

12. (Hard) Rock on!

Yay! What a fabulous and fun way to party on a Friday night while fighting breast cancer. When it comes to pinkwashing, the Hard Rock Cafe’s one of the worst offenders as they flood their Twitter feed with photos of pink guitars, pink drinks, pink merchandise, and duck-lipped #Pinktober partyers. Gagh.

11. News Flash: Gas fumes still cause cancer. And global warming.