How does the GOP front runner get away with his outrageous insults against widely-admired women like Heidi Klum and Rosie O’Donnell? Republican women who support Donald Trump don’t seem to mind his misogyny.

In fact as CNN’s Randi Kaye wryly observes during her visit to Iowa, the Republican women who support Donald Trump really seem to LIKE what they see.

“Still, it seems like no matter Trump says about women, more and more women like what they see.”

Heather Hatterman, one of the many GOP women who are flocking to Donald Trump in Iowa, tells CNN she doesn’t find his lady-bashing “degrading” or anything, besides, he’s got such “great ideas.”

“I don’t feel like what he says about women is really degrading, I don’t. He has a lot of great ideas.”

Katie Utterback, yet another Republican woman who supports Donald Trump — and who also happens to be a college student and his youngest caucus leader — adds that if you can’t stand the heat, get of of the kitchen you’ll soon be standing barefoot and pregnant in.

“If you’re in the business world as a woman, you’re playing a man’s game. You’re gonna saddle up your boots and you’re just gonna have to take it like a woman – like a cowgirl.”

Republican Women Who Support Donald Trump Are Okay With His Misogyny.

Republican women who support Donald Trump explain why his misogyny’s totally a-okay with them.

This phenomenon in Iowa with women defending Trump for insulting them explains a lot about why so many GOP voters — including Republican women who support Donald Trump — vote against their own interests. Perhaps people who’ve internalized the hate and prejudices from the people around them simply don’t see their own interests as worthy or important.

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