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The Day I Met Hillary Clinton

December 24, 2015

A Cold Afternoon In 1994 The author relates his experiences meeting Hillary Rodham Clinton. t was a cold and wet afternoon on February 14, 1994, as a bus full of political students from a little high school in Maine pulled up…

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Death And The Devil: Hillary Clinton Toes The Line On Capital Punishment

November 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton is on a proverbial fence about capital punishment True to form, Hillary Clinton is toeing the line. Clinton is notably more palatable to a conservative sensibility on the issue of capital punishment than her chief rivals for the Democratic…

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Chris Christie Deserves Credit For His Moving Speech About Drug Addiction And Treatment (VIDEO)

November 7, 2015

At a town hall in Belmont, New Hampshire, the Huffington Post captured a riveting and emotionally raw moment of New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie speaking on the need for treatment for drug addicts. Speaking to an…

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More Realistic Campaign Slogans For ALL The Presidential Candidates

October 26, 2015

There are twenty (yes, twenty!) would-be presidents still in the running for 2016, and with so many people angling for the same job, it can be pretty hard to keep track of all their campaign slogans. When I started this article, I…

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