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160 Years After Lincoln’s ‘House Divided’ Speech, America Still Has a Lot to Learn

June 14, 2018

Lincoln would be ashamed of modern-day Republicans.

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Obama Completely Destroys Trump in Presidential Rankings

February 19, 2018

Obama Sees Biggest Jump Of Any President As Trump Finds Embarrassing Place On The List When rankings of U.S. presidents are taken, there is usually a significant difference between scholars and the public. The public tends to favor (or in…

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‘Hung From a Tall Tree’: GOP Rep Calls For Lynching to Defend Confederate Statues

August 31, 2017

Republican State Rep Warren Love Faces Calls For Resignation After Inflammatory Social Media Post The fight over Civil War participation trophies continues and it’s no surprise when someone goes over the line trying to defend them. What might be surprising…

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TRAITORS: Fox News Host Calls Confederates ‘Revered Historical American Leaders’

August 20, 2017

It’s been five days since Donald Trump fell off the crazy train into the abyss of neo-Nazi advocacy. His press conference last Tuesday will be remembered as a tribute to the white supremacists that helped to elect him. To this…

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Trump Calls His Tweets ‘Modern Day Presidential’

July 1, 2017

How does he stack up to the great political orators of our country? In a dinnertime tweet, President Trump cleared the air about his tweeting behavior, calling it ‘Modern Day Presidential’.  In a rampage of tweets this  evening, Trump laid…

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Donald Trump’s Juvenile Response to Manchester Horror is an International Embarrassment

May 23, 2017

The President Called the Manchester Perpetrators ‘Losers’ Eloquence and gravitas are hardly prerequisite qualities for the American presidency. The only demands upon the office placed by law are that a president is a natural born citizen over the age of…

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Another Day, Another Trump Fail: Cheeto-In-Chief Attributes Fake Quote To Abraham Lincoln

February 13, 2017

Trump Misquotes Abraham Lincoln In Instagram Meme Meant To Celebrate 16th President If someone were attempting to keep track of every typo, misquote, and other communications screw-up committed by “President” Donald Trump, they probably hit critical mass and gave up…

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Joe Biden Rips Trump’s Xenophobic ‘Un-American’ Anti-Immigrant Bulls**t *(VIDEO, Tweets)

June 25, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a castle in Dublin, Ireland, couldn’t resist the chance to rip Donald Trump for his “Un-American” anti-immigrant racism. Biden noted that xenophobic, anti-immigrant rhetoric is creating unrest in the U.S. and Europe In a speech…

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Ta-Nehisi Coates Destroys Hillary Clinton’s Racist Version Of US History

January 27, 2016

“Hillary Clinton, whether she knows it or not, is retelling a racist—though popular—version of American history which held sway in this country until relatively recently.”  — Ta-Nehisi Coates. During CNN’s Democratic Town Hall Forum on January 25, Presidential Candidate Hillary…

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Jeb Bush Admires An Obscure Early President – And It’s Terrifying

August 5, 2015

Jeb Bush, or Jeb!, or John Ellis Bush! Bush, was recently asked who his favorite president is. This is a standard question that every candidate gets early on, and should have a canned answer ready. Bush! floated a few predictable…

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