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Shocking New Report Reveals Why So Many American Workers End up Homeless

June 9, 2017

A recent study has confirmed what many Americans already know: If you work a full-time job at minimum wage, there’s nowhere in this country where you can afford a two bedroom apartment. That’s according to an annual report released Thursday…

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GOP Rep Demands Classified Briefings So ‘Congress Can at Least Know as Much as Russian Leaders’

May 16, 2017

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) is one of a rapidly growing number of Republicans who are demanding that the Trump administration provide classified briefings about the “highly classified” information the president allegedly shared with Russian officials last week. Classified Briefings Are Necessary,…

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Trump’s Death Panel: White House Official Says Diabetes Sufferers Don’t Deserve Health Insurance

May 14, 2017

During a speech in California, Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director, took time to browbeat people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, saying that they lead lifestyles that cause the disease, Share Blue reports. Full disclosure: this is a hot-button issue…

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YIKES! The Blaze’s Glenn Beck Just Offered Bill O’Reilly A Job (VIDEO)

May 13, 2017

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck has offered former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly a job. Yes the Fox News titles are redundant, but then so are Beck and O’Reilly. Both of them are has-beens, and yet, they are still there.…

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Trump Official Thanks Police For Arresting Reporter Who Asked the Wrong Questions about Trumpcare

May 11, 2017

journalist arrested for asking questions? When news broke that  journalist Dan Heyman was arrested for allegedly asking Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price some questions in West Virginia Tuesday, the health secretary thanked the police for “doing what they…

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Watch Outrage Explode at GOP Town Hall when Lawmaker Claims ‘Nobody Dies’ From Lack of Healthcare

May 6, 2017

Republican Congressman Raul Labrador Literally Claims Healthcare Isn’t A Life-Or-Death Issue Will Trumpcare include coverage for removing a Republican’s foot from his own mouth? That’s something Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador is probably hoping for after his disastrous town hall at…

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Nancy Pelosi To GOP Supporting TrumpCare: ‘You Will Glow In The Dark’ (VIDEO)

May 4, 2017

A fiery Nancy Pelosi torched Republicans just moments before they passed the bill that may replace ObamaCare. The bill now heads to the Senate. Pelosi is furious The House Minority Speaker (D-CA) called out Republicans who planned to vote “yes”…

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REPORT: Media Caught STILL Parroting Trump Lies on Healthcare

May 1, 2017

Whether Trump was lying or just plain wrong, the media fell for it During a Saturday interview, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that the current version of the Republican healthcare bill contains protections for people with pre-existing conditions. And the…

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Trump Takes Millions of Sick Americans Hostage in Bid to Blackmail Dems

April 12, 2017

Healthcare reform has been one of the greatest debates in the 21st century United States. Since Obama made it his goal to reform the system during the early part of his presidency, three schools of thought have come to emerge…

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HANRATTY: The Perfect Storm Threatening Our Democracy is a Self-Inflicted Wound

March 31, 2017

The Russia Connection May Lead to a Constitutional Crisis and We Have Only Ourselves To Blame The latest in what seems like a never-ending string of bombshell developments came Thursday evening. The Wall Street Journal reported that Former National Security Adviser…

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