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Democrats Are More Willing to Compromise More than Republicans – Is That Bad?

July 2, 2018

Research shows that if you want compromise on the issues, you need enough democrats.

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Ted Cruz Is Campaigning To Be The Caliph Of The American Mujahedeen

December 1, 2015

What do you do when your political ideology is under fire for provoking and encouraging domestic terror? You’d think most people would want to take a step back and spend some time soul-searching and wondering if perhaps they’ve taken things…

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Where’s The Conservative Tough-Talk On The Terrorist Who Shot Up Planned Parenthood?

November 28, 2015

We still don’t know why 57 year-old Robert Dear carried out a deadly attack on a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs this week, but we can probably make an educated guess, right? A heavily-armed white man who looks like…

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Southern Baptists Say ‘Screw The Supreme Court’, Refuse To Ever Endorse Same-Sex Marriage

June 17, 2015

Beat your plows into swords and your pruning knives into spears. Let even the weakling say, “I am a warrior.“-  Joel 3:10 The Southern Baptists are taking this Bible verse seriously and perhaps, if necessary, literally.  At the 2015 meeting…

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Tantrum Alert! OK Lawmaker Threatens To Light Fire To Himself Because He Can’t Control Women’s Bodies

April 28, 2015

Add another nut to the “pro-life/anti-woman/theocratic/Republican fruit cake.  Careful with this one. You might want to blow on it first. There’s a possibility it might be a little scorched.  In fact, he may be a bit overdone, one might say. …

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