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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 31 Years Awarded $75 – Now He’s Fighting For Justice

December 22, 2016

He spent 31 years in a Tennessee prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s seeking justice and petitioning the state to compensate him in the amount of $1 million for the decades that have been stolen from him.…

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Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Literally Sickened By Trump, Refuses To Vote For Him (VIDEO)

October 24, 2016

The list of Republicans dumping Trump keeps getting longer and another notable name has just added himself — Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. On Thursday he announced he will not be voting for the Republican presidential nominee. Former…

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Sorry Republicans, But Anger Is Not A Virtue

January 15, 2016

Republicans Think Anger Is a Virtue… It’s Not. Here’s a hypothetical for you. Your company is about to promote someone new to the highest management position there is. There are two choices for that top spot: Candidate A, who is…

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Birds Of A Feather: Palins Stick Up For Duggars, Blame Liberal Media

June 4, 2015

Like clockwork. Right on schedule. The Palins are here!  All dressed up in their Sunday-go-to-meetin’ finest. They even put their teeth in, I heard.  Ready to get in on the shit-storm that the Josh Duggar molestation debacle has wrought while…

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