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Ted Nugent Shares Creepy Video Of Hillary Clinton Being Shot To Death

May 12, 2016

Ted Nugent recently crawled back out of the primordial slime to post a violent and disgusting video that shows Bernie Sanders shooting Hillary Clinton during a debate on gun control—through the “magic” of computer graphics. Apparently feeling clever, he wrote…

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Idiot Brings Gun To Emergency Town Meeting — About Gun Threats

January 20, 2016

Emergency Gun Violence Meeting Interrupted By Man With A Gun Plainfield, Indiana is in the midst of a crisis. Over the past few weeks, the community has been gripped by fear of gun violence after threats against the local high school…

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‘The New Ted Cruz Ad Makes Me Want To Throw Up,’ Declares Outraged Senator (VIDEO)

November 7, 2015

Think Sen. Murphy’s over-reacting? When you see this Ted Cruz ad, you’ll want to throw up too. “The new Ted Cruz ad makes me want to throw up,” Cruz’s colleague Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) angrily declared on Friday. At first…

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Guns And Jesus: How The Christian Right Hijacked The Bible To Suit Their Lifestyles

October 25, 2015

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” –Blaise Pascal Mark Twain’s advice on arguing with stupid people is wisdom for the ages. He knew the stupid “will drag you down to…

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Victim of Gun Violence? Ted Nugent Says You’re A Loser!

October 8, 2015

Whenever there are devestating shooting tragedies, we can always expect to hear from the talking heads from the NRA. A week after the tragic Umpqua Community College shooting, we get to hear from Ted Nugent. Nugent sounded off in his…

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Singer Rosanne Cash Angers Fans Because She Supports Gun Control

October 5, 2015

After the mass shooting that took nine lives at Umpqua Community College, singer Rosanne Cash posted a petition on her Facebook page asking her fans and followers for support to reinstate the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons. “If you are as sick…

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I-10 Shooter Caught: Good Guy With A Gun Was The Bad Guy

September 19, 2015

Suspect in custody for rash of shootings Along Arizona’s I-10 freeway “We got him!” , Arizona Governor Doug Ducey tweeted after the announcement that authorities had arrested a suspect forensically connected to at least four of the 11 shootings along the I-10 corridor.…

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