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Exclusive Interview: The Guys Whose Trump Warning Went Viral Speak Out (Video)

March 15, 2016

Jordan Corell and Seth Quackenboss are just a couple of young American guys who were looking for a good way to spend the day, some sort of adventure. They decided to go to a Donald Trump rally, and what they…

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Donald Trump Now Threatening Bernie Sanders With Violence And Chaos

March 13, 2016

Donald Trump Is Now Threatening Bernie Sanders With Trump Supporter Violence Donald Trump is determined to undermine the American presidential election system in every way possible. It’s not enough that he goads his brainless, racist supporters to attack peaceful protesters.…

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Contrary To Reports, Ted Cruz Still Hated By Everyone

March 8, 2016

Ted Cruz is hated by everyone. Or so the story goes. His colleagues in the Senate loathe him. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pointedly refused to endorse Cruz’s constitutional eligibility to seek the presidency. The Internet thinks he is the…

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