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The Effect of Net Neutrality and Media Mergers on Consumers

July 11, 2018

TV and the internet will never be the same...

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The Boy Scouts Issued an ‘Apology’ for Trump’s Behavior. It’s Not Enough. Here’s Why.

July 27, 2017

t took three days for the Boy Scouts of America to address the controversy that followed President Donald Trump’s bizarre speech on Monday to the organization’s Jamboree. Three days, and the statement was not from the organization’s president, Randall L.…

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Trump Threatens Freedom Of The Press With CHILLING Statement On The Media

October 24, 2016

To say that Donald Trump is no friend of a free press is an understatement of Olympian proportions. His open hostility toward the media generally, and journalists individually, virtually drips with white hot hatred. And his animosity is focused solely…

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Greedy Telcos Sue FCC Over Net Neutrality, Even As Thousands Beg Feds To Crack Down (VIDEO)

August 2, 2015

Funny, how people tend to stop hating “Big Government” when big corporations are screwing them. In just the first month after the new net neutrality rules took effect on June 12, thousands of frustrated customers have filed complaints with the…

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Why Customer Service Sucks And How These 10 Worst Companies Piss Us Off The Most (VIDEO)

July 31, 2015

What do people hate about customer service the most? And which companies are the worst offenders? Consumer Reports‘ research center surveyed customers across 22 industries over the course of several years to get some answers. 88 percent of people surveyed had reached out to customer service…

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