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Trump Destroys Popular Obamacare Mandate and Now Millions of Women, Families Will Suffer

October 6, 2017

Donald Trump Hands Religious Right A Win In Roll Back Of Obamacare Birth Control Rule The religious right claimed a victory today as the Republican Donald Trump administration announced it would be rolling back an Obamacare rule mandating employers to…

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Breitbart Mansplains How The Washing Machine And The Pill Have Destroyed Womanhood. Seriously.

August 30, 2016

Mansplaining To The Rescue! Women, the rabidly conservative outlet Breitbart knows your problems. Breitbart sees you struggling under your yoke, with the children (or not), and the partner (or not), and the career (or not), and the social life (or not), and any mixture…

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This Supreme Court Justice Just Attacked Atheists—Here’s Why That May Be Bad For Your Health

June 30, 2016

In a recent Supreme Court decision, Justice Samuel Alito made it clear that he doesn’t much care for atheists, or anyone else who isn’t particularly religious for that matter. Here’s what happened: In his dissenting opinion regarding Storman v. Wiesman, one…

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Scott Walker Defunds Planned Parenthood And Screws Women Out Of Healthcare In Wisconsin

February 20, 2016

Scott Walker slashes Planned Parenthood funding, continues his war on women’s healthcare. Last week Wisconsin’s GOP Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) doubled down on his war on women and women’s healthcare by signing a law to reduce funds for Planned Parenthood. One of the…

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SHAMEFUL: GOP Vows Not To Let Obama Replace Scalia, But Liberals Will Still Win

February 13, 2016

Justice Antonin Scalia’s body has barely cooled and already the GOP’s frothing at the mouth, spoiling for a fight, and heaping scorn and disrespect on President Barack Obama. Because, of course, there’s no way in Hell our GOP-run Senate will allow any of…

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REALLY? Ohio’s GOP Announces Bill To Require Burials Or Cremations For Fetuses

December 21, 2015

How Ohio’s GOP is dragging out the War on Women and Planned Parenthood. After wasting taxpayer money on their pointless Planned Parenthood investigation and pushing the non-issue to the brink of threatening a government shutdown, the zeal of Republicans in Congress has dissipated.…

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Here’s What Happens When We Force Women To Have Babies They Don’t Want (VIDEO)

December 14, 2015

Tenn. woman charged with murder for failed self-induced abortion. What happens when governments — like the state of Tennessee — are hellbent on forcing women into having babies they don’t want? Self-induced abortion. Last week, police arrested 31-year old Anna Yocca from Murfreeesboro, Tenn.…

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This Teen Rape Victim HAD The Baby: She Thanks Planned Parenthood For That

September 30, 2015

Young mom posts powerful statement of support for Planned Parenthood on Reddit As House Republicans use a hoax abortion video to mount their deranged assault on Planned Parenthood, appalled Americans are starting to realize: This is not about Jesus or the “sanctity of life.” It’s about punishing…

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Condom-Throwing Protesters Greet Carly Fiorina In Iowa (VIDEO)

September 26, 2015

Carly Florina had to expect that Planned Parenthood supporters would start showing up to protest the lies she told at the last Republican debate. However, she couldn’t have anticipated the greeting she got on Saturday from a group of pink-shirted women…

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No, Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood Does NOT Force Black Women To Have Abortions (VIDEO)

August 17, 2015

Last week Ben Carson made yet another attempt to convince people that the totally-not-racist Republican Party is good for black people. This time, he went on Fox News and claimed Planned Parenthood is some kind of white, feminist plot to force black women to have abortions.…

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