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In the Moment: Trump Claims Kim and Kanye Support is Helping Him win Black Votes

June 6, 2018

Trump thinks cozying up to Kim and Kanye will help him with Minority voters...

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Jon Voight Thinks Black Voters Would Back Trump If They Could Be ‘Educated’

October 1, 2016

Jon Voight Thinks Black Voters Aren’t Backing Donald Trump Because They Aren’t ‘Educated’ Donald Trump has been struggling pretty hard with winning over black voters. But if you ask Hollywood actor and avid Trump supporter Jon Voight why Trump is…

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Donald Trump Just Brought A Whole New Meaning To Being A 1%er

June 30, 2016

SURPRISE! Donald Trump Rejected By 99% Of Black Voters Former reality TV star and Republican nominee Donald Trump has the support of one percent of black voters, according to a newly released Quinnipac Poll. Quick — someone explain to Donald Trump that…

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FAIL! Trump Buffoonishly Tweets Faked Photo Of Black ‘Supporters” To Pretend He’s Not A Racist

June 6, 2016

According to Donald Trump, “The Blacks” Love Him… Donald Trump: ‘Black People Will Like Me More Than Obama.’ The past few days haven’t been kind to Donald Trump’s campaign. First, Clinton eviscerated him in a foreign policy speech and vehemently associated him with…

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