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Ditching Cable? Desperate Comcast Slaps Captive Broadband Customers With Hefty ‘Data Cap’ Fees

September 6, 2015

Cutting the cord on your overpriced “100 Channels of Sh*t” cable TV plan? As former subscribers embrace streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu, Comcast finds a way to staunch their bleeding red ink. How? By offering better service and more attractive…

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Free Wi Fi For All: Let’s Put Comcast Out Of Business, America!

July 16, 2015

I might be the last American under 70 who doesn’t have a smart phone. I can’t see doubling my phone bill when I already pay Comcast $66.95 a month for home internet and access to their Wi Fi hot spots…

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YES! Obama To Unveil Faster Internet Plan In State of the Union Address (VIDEO)

January 18, 2015

President Obama will unveil a plan to bring America’s Internet up to speed in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 20. I am very excited, because I have personally experienced the fastest internet in the world. From…

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Do You Deserve Community High Speed Internet? Obama Thinks So!

January 17, 2015

  The nation is gearing up for this year’s State of the Union address by President Obama on Tuesday, January 20. The SOTU is an opportunity for the president to share the successes of his administration over the previous year…

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