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These Six Charts Break Down Trump’s Paranoid US-Mexico Border Crisis

July 3, 2018

Is the border crisis as bad as Trump & his supporters say? And is it our own fault?

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Republican Wants to Pay for Border Wall by Literally Starving the Poor (VIDEO)

July 12, 2017

Republican Continues GOP Tradition Of Hurting The Poor At this point, America should be used to just how cruel Republican policies can be, but Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is taking his party to a new low. On Tuesday, the House…

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Trump Voter Furious that Border Wall Will Fence Her House Into… (Wait For It)… Mexico! (VIDEO)

April 4, 2017

Trump Voter Get Lesson In Irony Trump voter Pat Bell of River Bend, Texas, discovered that the wall her president promised may shove her out of Texas and leave her fenced in on the Mexican side of the border. And,…

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Former President Of Mexico Vincente Fox Slams Trump’s ‘Great Wall’ With One Epic Line

January 6, 2017

Vincente Fox Says Mexico Will Not Pay Vincente Fox, the former president of Mexico, wants to make one thing clear to President-elect Donald Trump. Mexico is not  going to pay for his wall – which he now refers to as…

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Racists Rejoice As The Donald Doubles Down On Hate In Most Extreme Immigration Speech Yet

September 1, 2016

Donald Trump Unveils Inhumane Immigration Plan onald Trump gave his much-anticipated “policy” speech on immigration Wednesday night. It was a speech that many felt would definitively set the tone for the remainder of his failing campaign. Would Donald Trump double down…

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Donald Trump Accidentally Tells The Truth In Incoherent Rally Speech: ‘I Might Lie To You’ (VIDEO)

August 14, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! DONALD TRUMP TOLD THE TRUTH Donald Trump telling the truth is such a completely rarity that it deserves its own headline. During a rally held in Connecticut, Trump put forth a torrent of word salad that would leave most people…

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10 Epic Donald Trump Take-Downs At The Democratic National Convention

July 28, 2016

Democrats are absolutely crushing Donald Trump during the DNC and, unlike their Republican counterparts during the RNC, when the hall seemed more like a lynch mob than a crowd of gathered conservatives, Democrats have been able to do so simply…

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Donald Trump For Prison? GOP Nominee Could Face Arrest For Fraud Over Charity Claims

June 20, 2016

Trump’s Failure to Donate “Crippled America” Proceeds To Charity May Constitute Fraud A possibility exists that a major party’s presidential nominee may be indicted for a crime before the November election depending on the outcome of a possible Attorney General…

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This Journalist Attended A Trump Rally And His Live Tweets Will F**king Terrify You (TWEETS)

June 16, 2016

A Trump Rally Can Be A ‘Racist Nightmare’ Georgia Southern University professor Jared Yates Sexton attended a Donald Trump campaign rally in Greensboro, NC Tuesday night to pen a piece for The New Republic. To say that Trump supporters were…

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