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Reuters Warns Reporters: Expect Censorship, Threats From Dictatorial Trump Administration

February 1, 2017

The increasing hostility toward the press from Donald Trump and his staff has resulted in a deteriorating relationship. Not that it was ever particularly healthy. Trump spent most of his campaign insulting reporters and demonizing the media in general. It…

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Wikileaks’ Dumps Expose Innocent People To Identify Theft And Stalking

July 25, 2016

Ethical Questions Linger After Wikileaks Dumps Expose Personal Information How much transparency is good? Would the world be a better place without any secrets? Wikileaks has worked since its inception for this alleged common good. But they may have done…

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Facebook Isn’t Just Censoring Conservatives: Who Else Are They Silencing?

May 12, 2016

Is Facebook Silencing Conservative Voices On Facebook? If They Are, Conservatives Aren’t Alone Anyone whose read my byline knows already that before I wrote serious news, I was a political satirist for many years, writing for a collection of famous and not-so-famous…

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Is Facebook Purposely Hiding Political Posts In Your News Feed? (VIDEO)

May 10, 2016

If you haven’t heard about it already, some anonymous, conservative “whistleblower,” and former employee, is claiming Facebook intentionally censors its news feed, hindering certain conservative topics from trending, and it’s causing a hell of a stir among the lunatic fringe…

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TPP Redefines Intellectual Property – And People Will Die

November 6, 2015

The full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has finally been released and, as my Reverb Press colleague Elisabeth Parker writes, it’s pretty damned bad. But there is one area where TPP is extra awful: intellectual property. Now, this may not seem…

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HS Student Yelled At, Sent Home For Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirt

September 10, 2015

students don’t surrender first amendment rights when they enter school A Houston, Texas high school senior, Fatimah Bouderdaben, was sent home for wearing a homemade t-shirt with the words “Black Lives Matter” scrawled on the front, and a list of…

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Pam Geller, Islamophobic Troll And Bigot, Uses Free Speech As A Blunt Weapon

May 28, 2015

Pam Geller, known for an assortment of Islamophobic activities cloaked in a veneer of free speech, has a new stunt planned: Free-speech firebrand Pamela Geller has submitted an ad to the Washington, D.C. transit authority featuring the winning image from the…

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ALEC Sends Four Sheriffs After Reporter Covering Secret Lobbyist-Legislator Meeting (VIDEO)

May 23, 2015

In an incredible investigative report, the Atlanta television news program WXIA’s 11Alive Investigators, including reporter Brendan Keefe, tracked down an American Legislative Exchange Council secret meeting at a Georgia resort hotel. The report may be unique, because the investigate report…

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