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1 Day After Huge Sex Harassment Settlement, Another Big-Name Female Anchor Leaves Fox News (VIDEO)

September 7, 2016

She’s been at Fox News for 14 years, but now Greta Van Susteren is leaving —apparently due, in part, to a “financial dispute.” Van Susteren is the first host to leave following the sexual harassment scandal involving former Fox CEO…

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Top Trump Aide Hopes For RNC Violence In Stunning Comments (VIDEO)

July 18, 2016

Violence at the RNC? Hey, that would be great for Donald Trump’s campaign. Or at least Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman seems to think so. Manafort told Bloomberg Politics that protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were evidence of…

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Fervent Anti-Zionist Question Throws Sanders Town Hall Into Utter Chaos (VIDEO)

April 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders was interrupted at a town hall speaking gig with Spike Lee, Harry Belafonte and others, Saturday, by an audience member passionately disrupting the event with an anti-Zionist question for the Vermont senator, ultimately leading to a rushed conclusion…

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I Went To A Trump Rally – And Now I’m Very Worried For America

March 13, 2016

By Jordan Corell Laughable Moments So, if you know me or my friend, Seth Quackenboss, then you know that we often get ourselves into ridiculously wacky situations, especially when we’re together. Yesterday was one of those days. We decided to…

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What Jeb Bush Doesn’t Get

August 6, 2015

Jeb Bush is polling in second place, way behind front-runner Donald Trump. Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee are within spitting distance behind him. Jeb was ‘supposed to’ be the party’s front-runner. Politico reports that Bush recently told a donor over…

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Armed Soldier In Combat Gear Causes Mall Evacuation, Is Arrested (VIDEO)

July 3, 2015

A supposed “good guy with a gun” was arrested at the Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, NC on July 2. Fort Bragg Army sergeant Bryan Scott Wolfinger, 25, claimed that he was planning to have photos taken with his AR-15…

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