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The Matthew Effect: How Pell Grants Have Failed to Help Low-Income College Students

May 13, 2018

Why graduation rates lag for low-income college students Nathan Favero, American University School of Public Affairs As college students nationwide prepare for graduation, a new analysis has shown that just under half of all those who receive Pell Grants –…

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Trump University Documents Reveal Trump’s Sleazebag Marketing Tactics (VIDEO)

June 1, 2016

Here’s How Trump University Bambozzled Students Out of Thousands Of Dollars NPR’s in depth reporting on the Trump University documents reveals Trump’s sleazebag mind. or those not up-to-date on Trump’s latest controversy, let me fill you in. Trump University was a for-profit…

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Trumps’s Chumps: The Donald Is Conning The Older And Less Educated, Research Finds

December 11, 2015

Republican presidential front-runner and professional Benito Mussolini impersonator, Donald Trump, is leading a political movement of less educated Republicans. The Fiscal Times recently analyzed the findings of a CNN/ORC poll which asked likely Republican voters about the candidates and their…

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Bernie Sanders Is On Fire: Democratic Candidate Pulls Crowd Of 24,000 At Boston Rally

October 5, 2015

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke before a loud, cheering crowd of 24,000 at the Boston Convention Center on Saturday. His campaign organizers originally provided an estimate of 20,000, but added another 4,000, counting the people gathered outside the Center and…

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