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Trump Completely Freaked Out at the Homeland Security Secretary – And the Reason is Horrible

May 10, 2018

Trump Lost a Talking Point – Then Lost His Cool President Trump just can’t shake his obsession with the border wall. This week Trump dressed down Kirstjen Nielsen, his Homeland Security Secretary, for not securing our “porous borders”. In front of…

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Egomaniac Trump Celebrates HIMSELF for 4th of July – Tweets Literally Self Worshiping MAGA Hymn

July 4, 2017

On President Donald Trump’s first Independence Day as president he tweeted out a song written just for him, one that celebrates his administration. Last weekend the First Baptist Church in Dallas performed a new song penned in honor of the…

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‘Bad Hombre’ Donald Trump Gets Schooled By Ana Navarro, Twitter, And It’s Hilarious

October 21, 2016

Donald Trump has unintentionally given liberals a bevy of comedic fodder, especially when he tries to be clever and comes up with phrases like “bad hombres.” I mean, that, right there is a beauty. It’s right up there with “bigly.”…

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Right Wing Flocks To Carson’s More Insane Campaign, Trump Drops To Number 2

November 7, 2015

There’s a new crazy Republican front-runner in town It’s happening! It’s happening! Donald Trump is now sitting beneath Dr. Ben Carson in national polling averages according to Real Clear Politics for the first time since July. Real Clear Politics takes…

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WATCH Aggressively Racist Comments By Principal Ruin GA High School Graduation

May 9, 2015

The high school graduation ceremony at TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, Georgia took a sharp turn toward the Antebellum South when the school’s founder and principal, Nancy Gordeuk took the microphone. According to eyewitnesses as reported by, Gordeuk had already…

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