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Trump’s Death Panel: White House Official Says Diabetes Sufferers Don’t Deserve Health Insurance

May 14, 2017

During a speech in California, Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director, took time to browbeat people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, saying that they lead lifestyles that cause the disease, Share Blue reports. Full disclosure: this is a hot-button issue…

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Oregon: Oil Train Derails, Sparks Fire In Columbia River Gorge

June 4, 2016

An oil train carrying a type of crude that is highly volatile derailed Friday near Mosier, Oregon on the outskirts of the Columbia River Gorge, sparking a fire. The 96-car train was carrying Bakken crude oil when eleven of its…

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UPDATE: SC Obama-Hating Conservative Flooded With Donations From Liberals

May 13, 2015

“Here’s another $5 from a proud progressive and supporter of the ACA to help save your eyesight. Perhaps you can ask the doctors to look into your ignorance as well? You seem to have a severe case of it.”  –…

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