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Trump Wants ‘My Guys’ in the ‘Trump Justice Department’ to Do His ‘Bidding’

January 28, 2018

There are two certainties in American politics these days as the Mueller investigation closes-in on President Trump. First, Republican lawmakers will pursue any means necessary to shift the focus away from President Trump and his administration/campaign. This typically means “discovering”…

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Will Ferrell Returns to SNL to Hilariously Remind Us That George W. Bush ‘Was Really Bad’

January 28, 2018

Will Ferrell Takes Us Down Memory Lane One of the more surprising polling results we have seen since racist Republican Donald Trump has become president, has been the renewed approval of George W. Bush. It seems as time goes on,…

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Leaker-in-Chief: Could Trump Be Prosecuted Under the New Department of Justice Directive?

August 7, 2017

The still nascent presidency of Donald Trump is rife with controversies and scandals. His financial conflicts of interests and unsavory connections to Russia have dominated his short tenure in office. Additionally, he has produced no legislative accomplishments. Most notably, the…

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Top Republican Blames Trump Administration for Chemical Attack in Syria

April 10, 2017

Donald Trump’s demonstration of impotent machismo last week is beginning to get the scrutiny it deserves. The national press initially fawned over his missile attacks on Syria, suggesting that he had finally become “presidential.” It was an embarrassing display of…

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George W. Bush Part II: Trump Will Delegate All Domestic, Foreign Policy To VP

July 20, 2016

Trump Wants To Be The Puppet President For VP Mike Pence It has become painfully clear from multiple mistakes Republican Donald Trump has made along the way that he isn’t exactly sure what he is running for. There have been…

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Richard Dreyfuss Trolls Dick Cheney On Good Morning America, And It Is GLORIOUS (VIDEO)

February 3, 2016

Richard Dreyfuss weighs in on playing Bernie Madoff … and Dick Cheney. “What was it like playing arguably the most despicable man in history?” Good Morning America‘s Amy Roboff asked Richard Dreyfuss on Wednesday morning. She is, of course, referring to…

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JILTED! Five Staffers Ditch Ben Carson For Ted Cruz: Was It Sabotage?

January 11, 2016

Even More Evidence That Ted Cruz is Sabotaging Ben Carson With Planted Staffers The entire paid staff for the pro-Ben Carson 2016 Committee super PAC that supports Ben Carson’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire resigned Monday, WMUR 9 ABC news…

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SHOCKER: Did Ted Cruz Sabotage Ben Carson’s Campaign With Planted Staffers?

January 2, 2016

Ted Cruz Benefits Most From Ben Carson’s Campaign Staff Resignations Ben Carson is doomed. On Thursday, Carson’s top campaign officials, along with 20 staffers, resigned from his campaign. The reasons they cited are compelling. His campaign is a scam, his…

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Former CIA Director Reveals IDIOTIC Reason Bush White House Ignored 9/11 Warnings

November 13, 2015

The George W. Bush White House was warned by the US intelligence community about imminent al-Qaeda attacks. The warnings were urgent and explained that al-Qaeda would attack in the US, possibly with significant loss of life. This week, new information…

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Dick Cheney To Be Immortalized With Bust On Capitol Hill

November 5, 2015

The stain left on Washington by Dick Cheney was pretty bad, right? Well have no fear, folks… Congress just found a way to make it even more permanent! This December, they’ll be wheeling out a new statue of Cheney, and…

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