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Trump Actually Apologizes For Racist Tweet. Sort of.

January 26, 2018

In Interview With Piers Morgan, Donald Trump Gives Non-Apology Apology For Promoting Racist Videos If there is one thing racist Republican Donald Trump is good at, it’s giving subtle winks to white supremacists. Whether it’s telling them they are “very…

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Watch ‘Asteroid of Awfulness’ Trump Brutally Destroyed by UK Politician in Jaw Dropping BBC Clip

January 15, 2018

Shadow Sec. Of State Emily Thornberry Holds Nothing Back In Calling Donald Trump ‘Racist’ The racist Republican Donald Trump administration has undergone one of its most embarrassing foreign policy episodes recently. Due to expected protests of his appearance, he canceled…

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Veteran Journalist Destroys GOP Senators Over Laughable Trump ‘Sh*thole’ Remark Amnesia

January 13, 2018

Tom Brokaw Jabs Republican Senators Over Response To Donald Trump Racism The fallout from comments by racist Republican Donald Trump continues into this weekend. And those trying to deflect or defend his remarks are doing little more than embarrassing themselves…

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Donald Trump Is Begging Random Black People To Set A Meet With The Congressional Black Caucus

February 16, 2017

Still Wondering If “President” Trump Is A Racist? Wonder No More. The Asshole Just Proved It Rarely in the course of my career covering politics have I ever heard a political figure say something so heinous, so idiotic — so comprehensively racist…

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Take A Mind Blowing Look At Donald Trump’s Rampant Racism And Blatant Bigotry

August 26, 2016

Let’s Just Say It Donald Trump is a racist. Let’s just get that out in the open. He is a bigot, and a racist, and he has shed the dog whistle that so many of his Republican forbearers utilized in…

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White Supremacist Scumbag David Duke Heaps Praise On Trump’s RNC Speech – Which Should Scare You

July 22, 2016

Trump’s Open Courting Of White Nationalists Has Paid Off While professional and independent fact checkers were working overtime debunking the many blatant lies found in Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 RNC, one notorious American cared…

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Watch CNN’s Tapper Grill Trump ‘Til He Squirms, Trying To Dodge Sticky Question 23 Times

June 6, 2016

CNN’s Jake Tapper Grills Trump Over Judge Comments The mainstream media has taken a lot of criticism over their handling of the 2016 presidential campaign. Be it over the blind eye they’ve turned towards the Bernie Sanders campaign, the billions…

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Creeping Threat Of Far-Right Extremism Growing Worldwide

May 25, 2016

The recent presidential election in Austria was decided on postal ballots after Nobert Hofer earned 51.9 percent of the vote against 48.1 percent earned by his opponent Alexander Van der Bellen. A European election for a mostly ceremonial position would…

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Trump Supporter Tells Protesters To ‘Go To F*cking Auschwitz’ (VIDEO)

March 13, 2016

Trump supporter to protesters: Go to fucking Auschwitz! We all know Donald Trump supporters are fucking awful. We’ve seen Trump’s supporters throw protesters to the ground, we saw a black woman get pushed around by a veteran and white nationalist,…

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GOP Scrambles To Distance Themselves From Trump’s Racism, But Can’t Ignore Their Roots

March 3, 2016

Republicans Shouldn’t Bother Trying To Distance Themselves From Hate Groups In the aftermath of the disastrous decision by David Duke — America’s best known white supremacist — to back Donald Trump, some desperate souls within the Republican Party have been trying…

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