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Trump, Jr Leads Republican March to Blame Democrats for Scalise Shooting

June 14, 2017

Wednesday morning a deranged man opened fire on a group of Republicans practicing for a charity baseball event. Fortunately there were no fatalities, but several people were wounded including the GOP House Whip, Steve Scalise. Capital Police returned fire and…

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Oops: Trump Pushes Biased Poll Without Realizing It Has Some Very Bad News for Him

April 17, 2017

From the day Donald Trump was inaugurated he has suffered through the lowest approval ratings of any president on record. And his repeated failures in office haven’t helped to dig him out of that hole. Consequently, he resorts to diversionary…

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Trump Claims America ‘Great Again’ After Jobs Report, but Once Again Obama Has Him Beat

March 10, 2017

Trump’s Claims Of Inheriting ‘A Mess’ Fall Flat By His Own Standards The jobs report for President Trump’s first full month in office was released Friday, and it slightly exceeded expectations. By adding 235,000 jobs in February, the US has…

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Right-Wing Echo Chamber Twists Ex-AG’s Inspiring Speech Into Call For Blood On The Streets (VIDEO)

March 6, 2017

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch broke many barriers during her tenure as head of the Justice Department. Not the least of which was being the first African American woman to hold the position. She has been a committed advocate of…

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Trump Floats BONEHEADED Reason To Investigate ‘Ties To Russia’ – Let’s Call His Bluff

March 3, 2017

Evidence of Donald Trump’s unsavory connections to Vladimir Putin and Russia are continuing to mount. His new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was revealed to have given false testimony at his confirmation hearing. He said that he had not met with…

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Right Wing Insanity: Drudge Peddles Dangerous Hurricane Matthew Conspiracy Theory

October 7, 2016

Even Hurricane Matthew Is Politicized By The Right Just when you think that the right wing can get no more insane in their views, Matt Drudge collides with an actual hurricane and pushes a conspiracy theory that is beyond ridiculous…

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