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New Study Confirms Conservatives Have Deep Hatred, Fear Towards Fact-Checkers

June 10, 2017

The rancorous tirades thrown by Donald Trump about “fake news” have had a profound impact on the public’s perception of the media. Prior to his entry into politics, the press was already regarded suspiciously in certain quarters. But Trump has…

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Trump’s “Profiling” Is A Great Idea – Let’s Start With White Right-Wing Christian Zealots (VIDEO)

June 21, 2016

On Monday, CNN contributor Van Jones decided to set Donald Trump straight after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee claimed profiling Muslims may be one way to stop mass shootings like the one that claimed 49 lives in Orlando, Florida. To do that, you’d…

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Cure Cancer With Polio? Duke University Scientist Says Maybe (Video)

April 2, 2015

Cancer, the dreaded C word, no other word in the English language invokes quite the same terror after a visit to the doctor. When that cancer is of the brain, called glioblastoma, it is almost invariably a death sentence. But…

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