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Kids v. Trump – These Children Are Standing Up to the World’s Biggest Bully in Court

June 9, 2017

One underrated aspect of the climate change debate is the impact it will have on future generations. We are so concerned about how it is hurting us now, that we do not always think about our children and subsequently our…

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Olympic Weightlifter Dances His Way To Fame—But There’s A Heartbreaking Story Behind The Scenes

August 16, 2016

Weightlifter shows off his best dance moves for climate change David Katoatau, the 105kg Olympic weightlifter of Kiribati, won the crowds with his charming smile, attitude and personality; but above all, with his awesome dance moves off stage after every…

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Media Still Ignoring Most Newsworthy Year For Climate Change In History

March 21, 2016

Low coverage for climate change during best year for the issue Despite the fact that the year 2015 was the most newsworthy for the topic of climate change, the amount of coverage around the issue was very low. In fact,…

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