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Trump Camp Scrubs Call for Discrimination from Website after Questions Raised

May 8, 2017

In the aftermath of a reporter’s question during a Monday press briefing, President Donald Trump’s campaign removed a 2015 press release calling for a ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S., The Hill reports. Trump camp backs down “Minutes after we…

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GOP Rats Flee Sinking Ship As USS Trump-Pence Goes Down In Flames – Here’s The List So Far (VIDEO, TWEETS)

October 9, 2016

The last 24 hours have been a bloodbath for Donald Trump, ever since The Washington Post dropped a video in which the Republican vice presidential nominee can be heard and seen describing women’s body parts in disgusting and vulgar fashion.…

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Donald Trump Makes Embarrassingly Laughable History With Newspaper (Un-)Endorsements

October 7, 2016

Presidential Campaign First: Donald Trump Has Zero Major Newspapers Endorsing Him As a major party’s presidential nominee, Republican Donald Trump has accomplished a lot of firsts. He is the first candidate to have appeared in an adult film. He is…

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After Trump Attacked A War Hero’s Family, This Petition Is BLOWING UP (SIGN)

August 1, 2016

An Outraged Petition Is Taking Off A new petition reveals what many Americans think about Donald Trump and the Republican party after the Republican candidate spent several days attacking a war hero’s family. For days, Trump has been attacking the parents of…

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Clinton Concedes – Bernie’s Changes To Superdelegate System Wins By Acclaim

July 24, 2016

The Democratic Rules Committee has voted to revamp the superdelegate system Saturday after a deal was hammered out between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Amendment seeks to make superdelegates less divisive An amendment that maintains the existing superdelegate role…

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Cruz Thrilled To Be Endorsed By Astonishingly Anti-LGBT Groups

March 1, 2016

While Republican front-runner Donald Trump continues to take fire for his feigned ignorance of his white supremacist support, Ted Cruz is proudly touting the support of two of the nation’s more vocal, radical opponents of same-sex marriage and LGBT equality. TedCruz.org — the…

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Irony Overload: Kasich’s Favorite Rock Star Endorses Bernie Sanders

February 15, 2016

John Kasich credits legendary musician Roger Waters with performing “the single greatest concert” the Presidential Candidate has ever seen, but Waters himself said he’d “cast his lot” with Bernie Sanders if the British citizen were eligible to vote in the…

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Bernie Sanders Picks Up Two Major Endorsements Ahead Of SC Primary

February 4, 2016

Two Key Figures Both Feeling The Bern Democratic Presidential contender Bernie Sanders just picked up two major endorsements which will help him not only nationally, but in South Carolina, a state where Sanders has been rapidly closing in on Hillary Clinton, who…

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Secret Backroom Deal Sets Ted Cruz Up To Topple Trump Tower

December 17, 2015

50 Leaders of right-wing groups secretly pledge support to Sen. Ted Cruz in backroom deal. Ted Cruz was scary and nonsensical in Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate. That counts as a strong performance for the target audience. If Cruz appeared to…

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What Jeb Bush Doesn’t Get

August 6, 2015

Jeb Bush is polling in second place, way behind front-runner Donald Trump. Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee are within spitting distance behind him. Jeb was ‘supposed to’ be the party’s front-runner. Politico reports that Bush recently told a donor over…

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