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The Top 10 Most Heavily-Armed States In America (Is Yours On The List?)

October 25, 2017

Which state has the most firearms per capita? he U.S. has the most firearms per capita of any country in the world. in 2015, the Deseret News reported reported Americans own guns at a staggering rate of 88.8 firearms per 100 people.…

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Here’s Every Conversation You’ve Ever Had About Gun Control, Summed Up

October 3, 2017

America’s Favorite Broken Record: The Gun Control Debate We’ve been here before. We’ve been here before many, many times. A large-scale mass shooting. A nation horrified and disgusted and heartbroken. An event that could have been avoided with adequate gun…

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SCOTUS Just Ruled To Protect Women With This Common Sense Gun Ban

June 27, 2016

Monday was a day of landmark decisions for women thanks to the Supreme Court, but one Justice indicated earlier that he isn’t particularly happy about one of them. The first decision marks a huge defeat for anti-abortion groups. The second decision is in regards to…

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This Fox News Host Just Went Off Script And Said The Unthinkable (VIDEO)

June 14, 2016

Many Fox News viewers probably did a double-take when host Gretchen Carlson announced that she supports a ban on assault-style weapons in the wake of Sunday’s massacre in Orlando, Florida. Fox News host supports efforts to ban assault weapons Just after a…

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Shameless NRA Sponsor Smears Slain Black Teens And Their Families

May 20, 2016

s the co-sponsor of the upcoming NRA leadership forum, Bob Owens rarely misses a chance to smear black teenagers who have met tragic deaths in controversial shootings. He also routinely takes swipes at their grieving families, claiming that they are…

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Armed Pro-Gun Extremists Menace Meeting On Gun Violence (IMAGES)

January 21, 2016

Last week nearly a dozen armed, pro-gun extremists converged on a library in Covington, KY to menace a group of women from the Kentucky and Cincinatti, OH chapters of Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence, as they held a planning meeting.…

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Why Bernie Sanders Is The Best Candidate For Gun Control

January 4, 2016

Are Democrats mistaking Bernie Sanders’ softer tone on gun control for weakness rather than pragmatism? Both pro-gun and gun control advocates affirm that if their beliefs were enacted in the form of legislation, the frequency and depth of mass shooting…

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Gun-Loving Christian Delivers Must-See Message To ‘Responsible Gun Owners’ (VIDEO)

November 27, 2015

Mark Carman loves firearms, but he also wants safeguards in place. “You know what that is? That’s a semi-automatic handgun,” Mark Carman gruffly declares while holding his weapon up to the camera so we can see it. RELATED: Breaking: Supreme Court Slaps NRA Down, Refuses…

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FACT: The NRA And Gun Sellers Profit Massively From Mass Shootings

October 5, 2015

The FBI reports New Gun Sales background checks rise significantly after mass shootings Should the organizations, companies, and business owners who directly benefit from massacres be allowed to control the narrative of gun law reform? Of course they’re anti-gun control — it’s bad…

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Alabama Church Opens Gun Range In The Name Of Jesus Christ

August 13, 2015

We have all heard the statistics. Traditional churches are a dying breed. Membership and attendance are on the decline and young people are abandoning organized religion. With misguided/uneducated leaders and outreach programs like the one at an Alabama church, who…

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