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Toxic Waste Leaks in Hurricane Aftermath Caused by Gutting of Environmental Protections

September 20, 2018

The removal of environmental regulations has resulted in coal ash and other waste to flood cities.

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More Than 100 Killed in Floods After Record Rainfall in Japan — Millions Evacuating

July 9, 2018

Record breaking flash flooding sends Japanese fleeing for their lives.

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American Climate Refugees First Of Many In Looming Crisis

May 4, 2016

Americans are now refugees in their own country Americans, especially those living in coastal regions, should be care how they treat refugees – they may well be about to become refugees themselves. In fact, the first Americans already are. The…

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Deniers: What’s It Going To Take For You To Believe Climate Change Is Real?

November 13, 2015

I started writing this article two weeks ago, and set out with one goal in mind: prove to conservatives and other deniers that climate change is real. But the more I filled the article with facts and figures, the more expert…

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Lying Hypocrite Wants Help For South Carolina, Denies Voting ‘No’ On Hurricane Sandy Aid (VIDEO)

October 6, 2015

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wastes no time. Sen. Lindsey Graham had barely sat down in The SItuation Room on Tuesday when Blitzer lit into him: “A BILLION dollars this is going to cost you guys in South Carolina?”  That’s how much federal…

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