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Democratic Candidate ‘Dragged’ from Legislature For Exposing Corruption ‘Guilt’

February 13, 2018

West Virginia House of Delegates security personnel forcibly removed a woman from the House floor on Friday. Lissa Lucas went to the state capital in Charleston to participate in public testimony regarding a piece of pending legislation. The bill that was under…

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What the Frack? Dakota Pipeline Backers Spending Big at Trump Hotels

January 17, 2018

Fracking Lobby Set To Scratch Trump Back Through D.C. Hotel As racist Republican Donald Trump fails through his time in the Oval Office, scrutiny of his businesses and who is patronizing them continues to raise eyebrows. If he had fully…

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Chief Trump Adviser Admits Donald Lied to Massive Voter Block About Bringing Their Jobs Back

May 27, 2017

Trump lied to get their vote — Now they are paying the price Coal miners voted for Donald Trump out a sense of quiet desperation, hoping that he would keep his promises to them. But now they know those promises were…

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WOW: The 5 Reddest States in America are Some Welfare Queen Motherf**kers

April 14, 2017

States That Voted For Trump Rake in Federal Aid Republicans are gearing up for a policy battle in Washington over reforming America’s tax code. Unified Republican government, under an unprecedented alleged billionaire president, promises massive tax cuts for the rich.…

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BREAKING: Trump Picks Putin-Linked OIL CEO For Secretary Of State (We’re Doomed)

December 10, 2016

Trump Taps CEO With Huge Conflicts Of Interest For Secretary Of State President-elect Donald Trump made his pick for Secretary of State, The Hill reported Saturday. Trump tapped Exxon Mobil chairman, president and CEO Rex Tillerson. The pick rounds out…

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FOLLOW THE MONEY: Officials Behind Arrest Warrants For Jill Stein, Amy Goodman Cashed In

September 14, 2016

Follow The Money The drama surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota resulted in charges against several nationally prominent figures last week. The charges seem totally at odds with First Amendment protections. And top officials who may be behind the…

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MONEY TRAIL EXPOSED: The Dakota Access Pipeline Is A Corrupt Monstrosity And Must Be Stopped

September 8, 2016

Who Really Gets Access To The Dakota Access Pipeline? The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota refers to the Dakota Access Pipeline it is protesting as the “black snake.” Incidentally, “black snake” is also the colloquial name for a…

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BRING IT: Town OKs Direct Action, Civil Disobedience Against Fracking (VIDEO)

May 13, 2016

Dig it: A tiny 27-square-mile town of 700 residents in west Pennsylvania just legalized civil disobedience, and they did it in order to fight the fracking industry. This is an entire community—not “environmental extremists,” or the “professional left” rolling into…

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Sanders Gives Strong, Short Answer On Fracking: ‘No, I Do Not Support Fracking’ (Video)

March 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton And The Fracking Industry Things heated up in the latest Democratic Debate in Flint, Michigan; in particular on the subject of climate change. The CNN debate was slightly different from prior ones, as it allowed…

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10 New Oil Jobs You’ve Never Even Heard Of (IMAGES, HUMOR)

May 24, 2015

Looking for a new career? Check out the oil industry. Sure, falling gas prices have killed the Keystone XL pipeline and the 40,000 oil jobs the GOP promised us. And sure, oil companies are laying off thousands of workers. But don’t lose hope: What the free market takes…

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