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Watch Fox News Anchor Humiliatingly Shut Down Mnuchin’s BS over Trump’s Dictatorial Power Play

March 26, 2018

Mnuchin wants Trump to become a dictator Steve Mnuchin is a film producer and investment banker that served as the Finance Chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign. Because of his lapdog loyalty, he was granted the Cabinet position of Secretary…

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Michelle Obama Has The Best Advice for Living in Trump’s America

February 2, 2018

Hope was a concept that Barack Obama embraced when he ran for President of the United States in 2008. The country had suffered from eight years of Bush/Cheney, and here was a charismatic man who promised significant change and a…

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Stunning Report Deflates Trump’s Overblown Jobs Promises

January 29, 2018

Trump’s lies about american jobs have been exposed Jobs were one of the largest selling points of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign. Not only did he promise to create jobs, but he also promised to bring back ones…

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Worse Than Bush: Global Approval of U.S. Leadership Plunges, Humiliating Trump

January 19, 2018

In December 2017, President Donald J. Trump unveiled his “America First” strategy. A transcript of his speech formally announcing the policy changes can be found here. The policy was not a significant departure from Trump’s rhetoric during the 2016 campaign.…

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Watch This Oscar Winner Endorse A Candidate Without Naming Names (VIDEO)

February 29, 2016

It’s not uncommon for Oscar winners to use their acceptance speeches to push their personal or political agendas. With the hyper-charged #OscarsSoWhite discussion providing the backdrop to the 88th Academy Awards this year, it was hardly unexpected that at least one…

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Is Bernie Making Billionaires Nervous? Watch This Attack Ad And Decide (VIDEO)

February 18, 2016

A Super PAC called Future 45 is airing a new attack ad targeting Bernie Sanders, and his plans to raise the minimum wage, The Intercept reported. The ad supports the agenda of billionaires funding the Super Pac. In the ad,…

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The GOP Will Never Undo Obama’s Accomplishments (Video)

January 25, 2016

“It is such an extraordinary privilege to have this job,” President Obama told CBS News reporter Lee Cowan at the opening of an extraordinary interview with the President in Detroit, Michigan, given a year to the day before President Obama…

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Ten Ways George W. Bush Didn’t Keep Us Safe

October 20, 2015

Presidential wannabe Jeb Bush has been promoting his theory lately that his brother, former President George W. Bush, “kept us safe” during his eight years in the White House, going so far as to blame 9/11 on Bill Clinton. Bush…

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Fall Of The ¥uan Dynasty? China’s Communist Party May Pay Dearly For Its Panic

July 8, 2015

China’s Yuan Dynasty collapsed in 1368, of course, following a century of Mongolian conquest. But the Yuan, China’s currency, is tottering in the stock market. The Chinese Communist Party, which rules the world’s most populous nation without rival, may be…

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Obama to Throw Hail Mary Tax Breaks for Middle Class in State of the Union

January 19, 2015

At the opening snap of his fourth quarter, the President is going long. At the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, he’s going to lob a Hail Mary to the middle class, over the heads of a defensive…

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