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Defense Secretary Tells NATO To Pay Up Or Else, Echoing Trump’s Campaign Rhetoric

February 16, 2017

They don’t calling him “Mad Dog Mattis ” for nothing. During his first meeting at NATO as head of the Pentagon, Defense Secretary James Mattis issued an ultimatum, The Hill reports: Pay more, or the U.S. will have to “moderate its…

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Holy War: Steve Bannon, Trump’s Right-hand Man, Admits To A Terrifying Agenda

January 31, 2017

Barely three years ago, President Trump’s far-right-hand man Steve Bannon, appearing at a conference held inside the Vatican, of all places, issued a plea for holy war. Bannon thinks war is poetry In his remarks to a Christian audience, Bannon said:…

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March Canceled After White Nationalists Fail To Raise $125 Permit Fee

January 13, 2017

A group of white nationalists who planned an armed march in the Montana city of Whitefish couldn’t even get it together enough to pay  the $125 permit required for the march. And they also couldn’t even get it together enough…

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White Supremacists Gain Strength Through Trump’s Campaign

August 3, 2016

Spurred by their idol Donald Trump, white supremacists are crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches. But calling them cockroaches is an insult to cockroaches. You generally won’t find them hiding under white sheets anymore, but they are out there…

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You Probably See Her Every Day – Guess What? She’s A Refugee & A Hero

May 10, 2016

Milana Vayntrub Helps Syrian Refugees Firsthand, Then Starts Nonprofit You may not be familiar with the name of Milana Vayntrub, but you probably know her face from her successful run as “Lily” in a long series of commercials for AT&T.…

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‘Economic Hitman’ Reveals How Corporations Seize Control Of Nations And Bleed Them Dry (VIDEO)

March 7, 2016

Is this really how the global economy works? Imagine a global economy run by ruthless corporate chieftains who seduce developing nations into taking on massive amounts of debt, use that debt to hire their companies for huge infrastructure projects, and then…

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Epic, Heartbreaking Journey Of Syrian Refugee Told In 6 Photos (PICS)

September 27, 2015

The explosively popular photo blog, Humans of New York, is weighing in on the world’s Syrian refugee crisis. The photographer behind the blog, Brandon Stanton, is best known for humanizing New York City, with often breathtaking portraits of regular folks.…

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Nigel Farage, Leader Of UKIP, Stands Up For Greece. Huh? (VIDEO)

July 10, 2015

Something a bit odd happened in the European Parliament on July 8th. Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, stood up and gave an impassioned speech in support of Greece: “‘They will give you no more, these people. They can’t…

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Goldman Sachs Fingerprints All Over Current Financial Crisis

July 8, 2015

It’s been a fun financial week, hasn’t it? Since the stunning results of the Greek referendum on July 5th, where over 60% of the nation decisively rejected a European bailout offer that came with more than a few strings attached, things have…

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Greece Tells Big Banks To Stuff It With ‘No’ Vote On Austerity (VIDEO)

July 5, 2015

On Sunday, Greece voted ‘NO’ to the big banks’ austerity measures and their rigged system of socialized risk and privatized profit. Why? Because so many in Greece are now so desperately poor, they’ve got nothing to lose. Reuters reports a whopping 61…

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