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Trump Lawyer Siphoned Millions From Poor Donors to his ‘Christian’ Non-profit

June 27, 2017

Trump Lawyer’s Earnings from ‘christian’ charity should scare away contributors On  Jun. 18th, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow made the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows denying that Pres. Trump is under investigation by special counsel. Sekulow stumbled and stammered…

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Macron Slams Russian Controlled Media, Jumps Into International Spotlight After Putin Face-Off (Video)

June 1, 2017

Macron gives Putin a piece of his mind New French President, Emmanuel Macron was not afraid to directly confront Russian President Vladimir Putin’s use of controlled media for his own benefit. When asked why some Russian ‘journalists’ were having a…

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The Pope Wants To Have It Both Ways On Bishops Hiding Sex Abuse

September 28, 2015

supposedly ‘progressive’ pope had appalling message for bishops When it comes to Catholic bishops’ handling of the Church’s widespread, decades-long sex abuse scandals, Pope Francis wants to have his wafer and eat it, too. That was abundantly clear from a…

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Guess How Much Governments Spend Covering Fossil Fuel Costs. Now Add Some Zeroes. Warmer…

May 21, 2015

Until recently, no one had attempted to compile exactly how much the world’s governments spend footing the bill for the fossil fuel industries’ health and environmental costs. If you tried to guess off the top of your head what the…

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