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Acting ICE Director Went to an Event Hosted by an Anti-Immigrant Group Called FAIR

September 17, 2018

The director of the already militarized-ICE has some dark secrets.

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Storm Troopers: This Terrifying White Nationalist Terror Group Is Infiltrating The US Military

May 4, 2018

Ranks of Notorious Hate Group Include Active-Duty Military By A.C. Thompson, Ali WInston, and Jake Hanrahan ProPublica The 18-year-old, excited by his handiwork at the bloody rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer, quickly went online to boast. He used the…

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‘Don’t Be Evil’: Google Follows GoDaddy’s Lead, Drops Right Wing Hate Site After N*zi Attack

August 14, 2017

Right-Wing Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer Dropped By GoDaddy After Charlottesville Terror Attack UPDATE: Google canceled The Daily Stormer’s domain registration Monday just hours after the hate site had signed up to use them. As of this moment, Google is still…

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Will Donald Trump Renounce Pal Alex Jones’ Threat to ‘Kill a Bunch of Liberals’?

July 22, 2017

After six months the administration of Donald Trump has virtually nothing to herald as a success. His most prominent campaign promises (repeal ObamaCare, defeat ISIS, build a border wall) remain unfulfilled. But there is one area of accomplishment about which…

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JUDGE: Protesters Can Sue Trump for Creating ‘Atmosphere of Violence’ at Rallies (VIDEO)

April 1, 2017

A Kentucky federal judge has ruled that a lawsuit against then-candidate Donald Trump amid allegations that he allowed the use of violence against three protesters at a Louisville rally when he told his supporters to “get ’em out of here.”…

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Anti-Muslim Hate Groups Explode In Number Under Trump Administration (VIDEO)

February 17, 2017

Donald Trump conducted his campaign with racist fury, peppering his remarks with hate-fueled rhetoric about Hispanics, African-Americans, and, most especially, Muslims. So it should come as no surprise that hate crimes directed at people of the Islamic faith have tripled,…

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7 Awesome Black Lives Matter Quotes From Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

October 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders speaks out on Black Lives Matter and Sandra Bland Way back in July, Bernie Sanders hit the wrong note in his reaction to Tia Oso and her band of Black Lives Matter protesters when they crashed his speech Net Roots Nation in Phoenix,…

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It’s Official: South Carolina’s Confederate Flag Comes Down At 10 A.M. Friday

July 9, 2015

Amazingly, the issue of South Carolina’s Confederate flag on state capitol grounds has been resolved. After heated debate in the state assembly’s House, the Senate’s measure was passed on Thursday morning. Governor Nikki Haley held a signing ceremony Thursday afternoon and a…

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Arson At Black Churches This Past Week Harkens Back To America’s Ugly Past

June 28, 2015

June 27th, 2015, brought to a close a week which will be looked back on with great fondness by progressives in the United States. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, ironically upsetting conservatives by deferring…

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Warner Brothers: No More Confederate Flag On ‘Dukes’ Car. Rebels Everywhere Lament

June 24, 2015

Warner Brothers, the studio that owns the rights to the inexplicably popular 1970s television show The Dukes of Hazzard , has decided to stop authorizing the manufacturing of any product flaunting the confederate battle flag. Warner Brother’s consumer licensing division…

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