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The Four Horsemen of Donald Trump’s Personal Apocalypse are Coming for Him

September 1, 2017

President Trump drew a red line in the sand for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible treason or other crimes by individuals in the Trump circle, likely including Trump himself and his son Donald Jr., and others, and…

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Servers Are Paying The Price After IRS Ends Automatic Tipping

March 17, 2016

Americans love to go out to eat. 58% of us dine in a restaurant at least once a week. And why not? It’s convenient. It’s entertaining. And it’s a fine change from whatever swill we usually serve ourselves in the comfort…

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The IRS Is Being Scrutinized Thanks To John Oliver. What About Pulpit Sunday?

August 25, 2015

When John Oliver recorded his August 15, 2015, episode he made a big splash with the federal government. The IRS is now under scrutiny for failing to have audited churches over the years. This isn’t an attack on churches, per…

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