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In the Moment: Trump Claims Kim and Kanye Support is Helping Him win Black Votes

June 6, 2018

Trump thinks cozying up to Kim and Kanye will help him with Minority voters...

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Hillary Brilliantly Trolls Trump at Grammy Awards – and Right Wingers Lose Their Minds

January 29, 2018

Some people can’t take a joke. The Recording Academy has presented a Grammy Award for “spoken word” albums since 1959. The winners the last twenty-five years read like a who’s-who of liberal royalty. Al Franken received a trophy. So did Bill…

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The 10 Most Hilarious Presidential Candidates Ever

October 17, 2016

These 10 Hilarious Presidential Candidates Prove That Elections Can Be Pretty Damn Funny For most Americans, the 2016 presidential race has been a pretty serious bummer. We’ve seen unprecedented levels of mudslinging and hatred on the campaign trail, everyone you know…

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Texas Elementary School Gets Terrible Suggestions For Name-Change

April 25, 2016

This Elementary School In Texas Asked The Community For Help In Changing Its Name. Here Are The Regrettable Ideas People Came Up With The school board in Austin, Texas is looking to change the name of one of their schools…

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Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run

August 31, 2015

Many things come to mind when the name “Kanye West” is uttered. To some, he’s a legendary hip-hop artist whose 2004 album College Dropout ranks amongst the best the genre has ever offered. To others, he’s an egomaniacal power-tool with…

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