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SHAMELESS: Donald Trump Just Blamed Grieving Teenagers for the Valentine’s Day School Shooting

February 15, 2018

Donald Trump’s Victim Shaming Knows No Limits Still reeling from the perception that he favors the rights of alleged domestic abusers over the casualties of domestic violence, President Trump doubled down on his penchant for blaming the victim Thursday morning. A day…

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How Does Hillary’s Campaign Finance Reform Plan Compare With Bernie’s? You’d Be Surprised

January 22, 2016

This might come as a pretty big shock to some of you, but Bernie Sanders isn’t the only democratic presidential candidate running in 2016 who wants to bring about campaign finance reform. Despite the criticisms lobbed her way, Hillary Clinton…

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Lawrence Lessig, The Democratic Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of

September 28, 2015

The 2016 presidential election has been dominated by the biggest stars from both camps, and we often only hear about the key stories that tend to dominate their media attention, from Donald Trump’s lunacy to Hillary Clinton’s scandals to Bernie…

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Donald Trump funding His Own Campaign? Apparently Not

August 24, 2015

Hey, you know that one friend of yours on Facebook who revealed himself to be a Trumper recently? And remember how, when you confronted them about it, they gave you a bunch of terrible reasons for supporting him, including the claim…

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