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Trump’s America: ICE Sinks To New Low, Arrests Dreamer With No Criminal Record

February 21, 2017

ne of the latest victims of the increased immigration raids under the Trump administration is a 23-year-old immigrant protected by the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Immigration and Customs Enforcement under Trump On Friday, Daniel Ramirez-Medina was arrested…

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The 5 Most Ridiculous ‘Alternative Facts’ From Trump’s First Week As President

January 27, 2017

One week into his presidency and it already feels as if Donald Trump has offended more people, signed more executive orders and antagonized more foreign leaders than most Presidents do in a full term in office. However, perhaps the most…

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No Way, We Won’t Pay: Mexican President Slams Trump And Cancels Meeting (TWEETS)

January 26, 2017

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has cancelled a proposed meeting with US President Donald Trump on January 31st over disagreements regarding Trump’s plan to build a wall along the US and Mexico border that would see Mexican taxpayers footing the bill.…

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Trump Cites Obviously Fake Photos As Evidence His Inauguration Will Have ‘Record Numbers’

January 20, 2017

Donald Trump has been bragging that crowds will show up in “record numbers” at his inauguration, and he singled out “Bikers for Trump,” a motorcycle gang, according to ThinkProgress.  He claims he has seen aerial photos showing thousands of Bikers…

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Former President Of Mexico Vincente Fox Slams Trump’s ‘Great Wall’ With One Epic Line

January 6, 2017

Vincente Fox Says Mexico Will Not Pay Vincente Fox, the former president of Mexico, wants to make one thing clear to President-elect Donald Trump. Mexico is not  going to pay for his wall – which he now refers to as…

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Trump’s Surprising Dinner With Mexican Billionaire Who Trashed Him During Election

December 20, 2016

Donald Trump rebuilding old friendships with Mexico? fter months of trashing Mexico, its leaders and businessmen, President-elect Donald Trump has come up with a new approach to the southern neighbor; starting with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Although during his campaign Trump accused Slim…

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Bernie Sanders Reams ‘Pathological Liar’ Trump During Fiery Interview

December 10, 2016

uring an incendiary interview Thursday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders lambasted President-elect Donald Trump for his continued attacks on Carrier union leader Chuck Jones. Noting that using “the word ‘incredible’ or ‘unbelievable’ is no longer applicable to Mr. Trump” when describing…

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Right Wing Media Conveniently Forgets Obama Saved 1.5+ Million Jobs To Kiss Trump’s Butt (VIDEO)

December 1, 2016

Trump-worship in full bloom at fox news ox News and hordes of other conservative media sites are having a sycophantic orgy with the news that Carrier, the air conditioner giant, isn’t going to move 1,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico, as…

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Hasta La Vista, Donald? Latino Voters Might Have The Last Laugh On Trump

November 6, 2016

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past twelve months, it is inconceivable that you haven’t heard or seen Republican Party nominee Donald Trump spew some type of racist, sexist or bigoted remarks toward Latino voters. Even before…

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U2’s Bono Mocks Trump – ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ – And The Crowd Goes Wild! (VIDEO)

October 6, 2016

“You’re fired!” – two words that Donald Trump was used to dishing out during his tenure as head honcho on the reality TV show The Apprentice. Today, however, the shoe is very much on the other foot. Addressing the crowd at…

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