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Watch Delusional Trump Fan Moms Teaching Kids Grotesque Hate in Horrifying Video

March 16, 2018

These Trump supporting women have brainwashed their children with hate “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn…

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Facebook Firestorm Erupts Over Mosque—Confirms Ugly Truth About Trumpsters

April 24, 2017

Islamic Center draws social media attention The Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, Florida in the sleepy seaside town of Fort Pierce, is sparking a raging storm of ignorant internet controversy. This is the mosque that the Pulse nightclub shooter Omar…

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The GOP Just Gave This Megachurch the Right to Form Its Own Police Force

April 15, 2017

Legislators in Alabama have approved the request by a megachurch allowing it to employ its own police force — something that’s unprecedented in the U.S., and raises concerns regarding the First Amendment as it pertains to The Constitution.  This church wants…

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Another Good Guy With A Gun Threatens Muslims At Mosque In NC (VIDEO)

June 12, 2016

“He told me to go back to my country. I said, ‘Which country do you want me to go to? Give me the ticket and I will fly.’ He said, ‘No I will not give you a ticket. I will…

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Daily Caller Freaks Out About Next Obama Address – But Their Own HQ Is What Should Worry Them

May 26, 2016

Daily Caller Loses Its Sh*t Over Obama’s Proximity To Mosque Regardless of how this 2016 presidential election plays itself out, one of the main themes that we’ll look back upon when discussing Donald Trump’s rise to power is the deep…

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Obama To Haters: They’re Not Muslim OR American, They’re Muslim AND American (VIDEO)

February 4, 2016

Being Muslim is not exclusive of being an American, President Barack Obama declares. With the words ‘you’re Muslim and American,’ President Barack Obama addressed American Muslims during his visit on Wednesday to a Baltimore mosque. He aimed to show support towards America’s Muslim population…

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Transcript: President Obama’s Final State Of The Union Address (VIDEO)

January 12, 2016

President Barack Obama delivers his final State of the Union address. Below are President Barack Obama’s prepared remarks for the 2016 State Of The Union Address, his last. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans: Tonight marks…

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Man Disrupts Town Meeting With Anti-Muslim Rant: ‘Every One Of You Are Terrorists’ (VIDEO)

November 19, 2015

Town meeting shut down after a stunning display of anti-Muslim bigotry. A town meeting in Spotsylvania, Va. got ugly Tuesday night as anti-Muslim bigotry erupted over plans to build a new mosque. Their congregation has outgrown their current building and wants to expand…

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Phoenix Fills Mosque With ‘Love Not Hate’ After Anti-Islam Biker Rally

June 3, 2015

On Monday evening, the larger Phoenix community responded to last week’s hateful anti-Islam biker protest. Hundreds of supporters showed their love by attending a prayer rally at the targeted mosque. The purpose of the event was to promote love, peace,…

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UPDATE: ‘Freedom Of Speech’ Islamic Hate Group Rally At Phoenix Mosque (VIDEO)

May 30, 2015

Jon Ritzheimer, organizer of the Freedom of Speech Rally II in Phoenix on May 29, delivered on his promise.  Reports state that around 500 total protesters and counter protesters gathered outside the Islamic Community Center. Some showed up armed, threatened…

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