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Lindsey Graham Trolls Trump’s Bad Tariff Idea On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

January 27, 2017

Lindsey Graham Takes On Trump Tariffs Lindsey Graham thinks Donald Trump’s recent attempt to fund his giant wall between the U.S. and Mexico is no bueno. As Mexico makes it increasingly clear that they will not pay for one of…

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No Way, We Won’t Pay: Mexican President Slams Trump And Cancels Meeting (TWEETS)

January 26, 2017

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has cancelled a proposed meeting with US President Donald Trump on January 31st over disagreements regarding Trump’s plan to build a wall along the US and Mexico border that would see Mexican taxpayers footing the bill.…

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Trump’s Surprising Dinner With Mexican Billionaire Who Trashed Him During Election

December 20, 2016

Donald Trump rebuilding old friendships with Mexico? fter months of trashing Mexico, its leaders and businessmen, President-elect Donald Trump has come up with a new approach to the southern neighbor; starting with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Although during his campaign Trump accused Slim…

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20 News Headlines We Can Expect During The Trump Presidency

November 14, 2016

The Trump Presidency Will Be Upon Us Soon It’s coming, people. The Trump presidency. A lot of Americans are pretty terrified right now (Trump being one of them, but that’s a whole other story). If only we could look into…

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Emboldened GOP Will Destroy Everything Obama Created With Impunity (VIDEO)

November 10, 2016

In The First 100-Days The GOP Plans To Destroy 8 Years Of Progress Obama Brought America So, after 8 years of being complete obstructionist assholes, the GOP seems to now be willing to get off their butts and do something.…

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Mexican Lawmaker: If Trump Wins, We Want Texas And California Back

September 8, 2016

If Donald Trump Enacts His ‘Hateful’ Policies, Then Mexico Wants Its Sh*t Back Saying the recent trip Republican Donald Trump took to Mexico was a disaster is kind of an understatement. He was immediately met with derision from dignitaries, such…

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Tension Mounts At DNC As Delegates Make Final Push For Bernie (VIDEO, Tweets)

July 26, 2016

The start of the Democratic National Convention has been fiery, and so far shows that you just can’t keep a good revolution down. Aides for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tried, but failed to prevent a revolt by Sanders supporters…

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Trump Claims America Is A Third World Country

March 21, 2016

The US is a poor country according to Trump Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump told the audience at a gathering in Salt Lake City that the US is a ‘third world country’. The GOP candidate compared America’s infrastructure with that of…

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Bernie Sanders Campaign Blasts Clinton’s Trade Policy. Here’s Why Dems Should Listen

March 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver Takes Clinton To Task Over NAFTA, The TPP. On Thursday, Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver slammed Hillary Clinton over her support of trade policies like NAFTA and the TPP. Weaver has been a vocal critic…

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WATCH: That Moment When 1,400 Workers Are Told Greedy Execs Are Moving Their Jobs To Mexico (VIDEO)

February 12, 2016

“Innovation is in the air,” Carrier Air Conditioning‘s website proclaims. But for workers at Carrier’s plant in Indianapolis, IN, it’s just more of the same old post-NAFTA bullshit. Because, as a jug-eared billionaire named Ross Perot once famously pointed out back in 1992, that…

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