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America, NOW is Definitely the Time to Talk About Gun Control AND Take Action

February 25, 2018

America NEEDS to have an indepth discussion about guns and gun control…NOW! When is the right time to talk about the issue of gun violence in the US? RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow, not sometime down the road. It is NOW!…

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High Caliber Idiocy: The Gun Nuts Losing Their Sh*t Over Anti-NRA March Are Missing the Target

July 16, 2017

The Right can’t tell the difference between armed idiots and professionally trained men A Breitbart article today about the Women’s March at NRA headquarters in Washington DC over the weekend was little more than a tantrum essay. The piece served…

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How The NRA Fostered The Violent Homophobia That Killed 49 In Orlando (VIDEO)

June 20, 2016

The NRA Has A Brutal History Of Homophobia And Promoting Gun Culture Which Helped Create The Orlando Massacre The NRA has a homophobia problem, and those chosen to represent the organisation over the weekend are a perfect example. In what…

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