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“His Policies are Working” – Republican Rep. Praises Trump for Rising Healthcare Costs

October 10, 2018

Republican Steve Chabot has continued to drool over Trump's healthcare policies even as they hurt his own constituents.

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Time’s Up – A Trump Accuser Just won Her Democratic Primary — And She’s Not Alone

May 9, 2018

Rachel Crook told her story about Trump In 2005, a 22-year-old receptionist for the property development Bayrock Group was, she claims, riding in the elevator of Trump Tower, where Bayrock was based. While inside she encountered then-real estate mogul turned…

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Trump Declares Democrats ‘Treasonous’ – For Not Applauding Him

February 5, 2018

During a speech in Ohio today, President Donald Trump went full banana republic tinhorn dictator, and attacked Democrats for their lack of applause during last Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Remember when Trump preached bipartisanship? Clearly, he has forgotten. Trump making…

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Mike Pence Gets Brutal Fact Check From Fellow Republicans on Health Care

July 15, 2017

Ohio Republicans Call Out Lies About Medicaid Pushed By Mike Pence There is no question about how deeply unpopular the Republican health care bill continues to be with the public. Because of its terribleness, even the White House has gone…

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The Big Lie: Trump Goes Even Bigger On Hugely Wrong Keystone XL Pipleline Jobs Whopper (VIDEO)

June 7, 2017

Lies Trump Facts in President’s Infrastructure Remarks President Donald Trump took his act on the road to Cincinnati, OH Wednesday afternoon to offer a long-anticipated address about restoring America’s infrastructure.  Oddly (but not coincidentally) timed to coincide with the Senate…

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Chief Trump Adviser Admits Donald Lied to Massive Voter Block About Bringing Their Jobs Back

May 27, 2017

Trump lied to get their vote — Now they are paying the price Coal miners voted for Donald Trump out a sense of quiet desperation, hoping that he would keep his promises to them. But now they know those promises were…

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Freedom Caucus Chairman Opposes GOP Healthcare Plan Despite Trump’s Threats (VIDEO)

March 21, 2017

When President Donald Trump issued a stern warning Tuesday to Republicans who plan to vote no on repealing Obamacare on Thursday, some appeared to say “Yeah, so?” reports The Hill. He appeared to be aiming his words at members of the…

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Republicans File Nationwide ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Bill Late On Friday The 13th

January 13, 2017

Republicans Sneak In Abortion Ban Bill Late On Friday The 13th Late on a Friday evening, especially before a long weekend, is a great time for sneaky maneuvers in Washington, D.C. And Republicans didn’t disappoint. On Friday evening, House Republican…

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REPORT: Trump Will Enter White House With His Own Team Of Private Security Enforcers

December 20, 2016

At his rallies, President-elect Donald Trump used a private security and intelligence team alongside the Secret Service to protect him and persecute protesters. And he intends to keep at least a few members of this team after he becomes president,…

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Trump Now Bullying Dozens Of Electors Seeking CIA’s Russia Intel Briefing. What’s He Afraid Of?

December 14, 2016

The Electoral College Wants To Know About Trump’s Bromance With Putin President-elect(?) Donald Trump is now bullying electors of the Electoral College. An anonymous Republican elector told Salon in an interview that Trump’s team was issuing “threats of political reprisal.”…

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